Sunday, August 26, 2012

Just another day

HI! it's been round near 2 months since i last blogged. hahah well looking back at my last blog post, i have now dyed out my red dip dyes! it's been also round 2 weeks since i dyed it brown and now it's fading back to the bleach parts hahaha this shows how lazy i am to blog. 

Anyway last tuesday was the last day of semester for me and my class. Next comes UT3. Swear can't bear to part with them. All of them are very fun humorous bunch of people, can't seem to hold in my tears when i got home. 

Love girls and rafiq [:
And Chong who's a very good brother! and cat lover too [:
 I'm so going to miss them.

 Life been pretty boring too, either night prata or shopping with vernice. Natsu Matsuri ytd hahah also spending time with my love!

Hi love~
 If you've been following my twitter you would have known i've been ranting whole of ytd morning, i slept at 4 in the morning and was woken up by mom's scream at 6. Apparently our door got splashed red paint and padlocked. None of our family gambles and borrowed loan shark so we presume it's targeted to the previous owner of the flat.

Called the police at 6:15 and they arrived at 8:15. They said because there were many flats who got the same case as well. hahah probably the loanshark runners wna settle it all at once. hahah spend my morning cleaning it all w mom too. 
The number above is unknown too lol. mad fucking suay.........FOR ME. -_- slept at 4am because i drank teh peng that night whilst prataing T_T fml 

UT3 starts tmr i'm so gna die

Saturday, July 07, 2012

new hair + cosplay life

HI !!! 
hahah yes i got myself dip dyed hair!! Actually it was pretty impromptu cos it was like the day before then i decided hahah. 
In case anyone asked, yes i did them myself, i bleached and dyed them myself. (okay w the help of zhilin that diedie wna come over my place after giving me a call knowing that i'm doing my hair) I got the dye from angeline's instocks, which i guess she got them from online overseas, but i'm definitely gna get more colors from her when her batch opens! 
Initially i wanted to get her blue ones but it doesn't match with my current hair color and i would have to dyed my whole head black to match it with blue... so i got the red instead. 

The bleach costs me $4. IKR HAHAH i thought $4 bleach is gna totally ruin my hair till zhilin told me bleach is gna ruin your hair anyway, so i got them!! Dip dye isn't my initial choice either, i wanted highlights but i didn't know how to do them and i felt dip dye were pretty cool so i went ahead and did it HAHAH 

 Not too bad right?! i was so afraid it turned out super jialat cos by far i know all my friends who got crazy colors on their hair some colors didn't turn out what they want or there's bits of red here and there and not equal. And everyone said it's nice!! super happy [: Esp the braids! tried braiding fishtail and it turned out really nice!!! 

Well it's been a week since i dyed it and right now the state is pretty horrible HAHAAH have been taking extra care for my hair since it's bleached and applying hair serum to it (i'm a super lazy person) which i normally doesn't, now i can feel my hair in the grass state. HAHAHA and the color's fading alr so it's not as bright red as you guys see it is in the pictures.. it turned kinda.. reddish orange?? hahahah probably i'll touch up when i'm not too lazy or something [:

SO.... today's cosfest and it's like.... i'm rotting away at home. literally.... I have not prepared any costume nor finished up anything at all!! i was suppose to cosplay with kana but i told her i'm really lazy and i'm down w a horrible flu. 
It's been so fast!! Last year when anna haven't moved out of her place in pasir ris we still went down her house to prepare and all! i was still so hyped then.. 
I mean.. it's been round 3 years since i got in touch with cosplay. From just a passerby to slowly knowing more friends and cosplaying till now. It's been really fun and all, went to different shoots knowing different people, and making own prop and costume. 
In the past i could get up at 6-7am in the morning just to prepare for the event. Despite it be very far we're all still very hyped about it, and i can still get sleepless nights because i'm really excited for it. I love how i'm able to show the really gorgeous outfits i made in the public and getting pictures taken by people! And until now i still love how it feels. But i'm just really lazy...... and tired. I alr felt tired just by thinking that if i had to cosplay for the weekend and on monday i'll be dead, on the bed and not go to school. 

I've not told anyone about this but i rmb for the first event i went, cosfest '09 that event that made me felt that like wow cosplay is really amazing, and that night i even dreamt about a passerby giving me his costume to cosplay for him. HAHAHA cos at that point of time i felt cosplaying is like totally a dream for me. Then slowly i know alot more friends and know how it works la! like wigs costumes props and all. 

Missed that feeling.. having to get up really early, super excited over the event.. but now i seldom watch anime too ]: probably passed the age for me.. kinda sad ]: 

STILL. i'm going for cosfest tmr with vernice just to have a look and catch up with our friends! kinda looking forward to it! ^^ A picture of giant me and le cutie pie to end the post! bye!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

weekly updatez

UT 1 is fucking finally over!!!!! OB, cog and comm was pretty alright tho i didn't really study for it, maths and science is still a killer for me hahaha 

school family outing school school and more family outing. life's boring hahah

Had a steamboat/bbq dinner over at bro's last week! 
Bought a top from cotton on for $5 which stated L but is size of S. any takers? hahah
so fucking suay i cannot even- a fucking birdshit landed in my porridge last week while having my breakfast in school. what did i do to deserve this T_T
Can't seem to rotate haha ramen champion on fri with negi and his girlf.  First timer on ramen champion.  But ramen play at 313 seems better hahaha
finally applied for debit card!!!!!! 
last weekend was pretty heart wrenching for me. my syrian was so damn fucking sick! she doesn't eat drink nor do anything. and kept drooling. everyone in my family was damn worried for her. initially we thought she ate something from the floor which stucked in her throat ( she escaped from her cage that night lol) but ended up she became normal 3 days later lol -_- but it's really sad to see her in that state. doesn't move at all >:
look at my pudding babies haha! been a week since they were born!
they started nibbling on food alr! aigoo~
bought grey beddings which camouflaged my bbies hhahahah
YES i have to resort to this to prevent her escaping from her cage. hahahah
cosfest in a week or 2?? idk la hahaha haven't sew anything for the past few months. ong is too lazy. hahah can't even finish my alvida which i intended to shoot during my o lvls holidays.

blog soon!

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Here comes my weekly update. hahahha 

so i'm having my 2 weeks hols which would end in another 2 more pathetic days, WHICH suppose is meant for our study break for UT. apparently i have not done any studying at all. as usual. ah well it's always like this isn't it hehehehe 

So i got a one day job as make up promoter recommended by vernice last week. Was promoting Heroine make, and they provided me a couple of their products since i'm like promoting it so i should use it right hahaah. 

 I took a freaking long bus from tiong bahru to pasir ris which took round 2 hours, i didn't even alight at pasir ris cos my butt was literally numb. and i drew a drowning boi using the liquid liner they gave hahaha

 I swear this is one job that i got so fucking fucked up since i worked in different places before. It was located like at Takashimaya's watsons. Not the promoting itself sucked but it was the fucking watsons staffs!! oh god they fucking made me went back home to get my shoes and pants changed cos it was not black. my pants were fucking super dark blue la and they requested full black. i mean it isn't really obvious even seriously. 
They told me i could just purchase one there and get it changed. And apparently i wasn't very willing to buy one cos it would cost me round $50+ to get both the pants and shoes, and my pay is just freaking $63. 
So i went back to tamp and meanwhile got my mom to search for my pants and shoes so as not to waste any time (afraid they'll deduct my pay hahah) and when i reached tamp i was so fucking tempted to just go home and dua the fucking job. But i decided to go anyw sigh regretting as fuck cos my mom found the one and only black heels which was spoiled, and hurting my feet the 

And the most embarrassing thing that can happen in my life, i freaking rang the fire exits siren. HAHAHAH okay la i was in a fucking rush and i ran all around taka's lvl 1 finding the exit. but seriously diu my life 

 changed my nails again it should turn out very nice if not for the led lamp >: it's new and idk how to use it.....

 and mah fat bb

 made popcorns

Went out with vernice to get my pay and for some shopping that we haven't done for long!
 cutie bb

 super fucking orgasm good ramen at ramen play! ajisen is nothing compared to this.

 got a bad haircut and resorting to clipping ma hair up everyday

 damage : $140 spent my pay in an instant hahahah fnally got my perfume yay!

dreading school as fuck.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I'm an lazy asssssssssssssss hahahha probably just what i'm doing over the month
Korean classes w my sissy didn't go so well cos we're both lazy and nua after school/work  
 Portrait drawing done by one of my classmate!! 
niece li si came to sgp for round a week  
 found old movie tix while searching for a movie that i can't rmb the name nor the story -_- 

 changed thrice nail colours okie kinda avengers hype
buddha classmate
 Avengers drawing i did during class
Shinchan pj that mom got me sho kawaii!!! i mean like hello?! you don't get to sleep with your idol okie

 Bb gave birth again and they died the very next day lol okie la i wanted to let them live but i seriously have no idea who the mom is 
 ww3 in my room ... okie it happens all the time 
and cleaned them all BY MYSELF
 and found a shoe that i bought in bkk 
and had a class outing [: 
And so having mah holidays now for 2 weeks, UT would be coming up right after the holidays and i still have not started studying!! okie as usual hahah 
love my current class so much gna hate the fact we're gna be separated after sem1 ]: 
okie annyeong hope i be back soon