Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

well i think it be december cos it's the 30thnov alr -.- prolly just to do good in cosplay ba , i was so stressed over it 2 days ago and am still very stressed now . We had change of plans and it ended up me cosplaying on eoy with anna . and i have so much things not done , the worst thing is i'm flying this sat . no time and i have shit intakes on doing the headphones , i've got no choice so i threw them to shityi ( thanks alot T.T !!! ) i have to like finish up my eoy costume by fri , so i don't have to chiong like mad on the day itself . i think i'm so stressed that i dont wanna do anything anymore and i just literally throw everything to mom anna and shityi . sorry mannnnnn .

It's just the fucking wrong time to go overseas . -.- and i'm like going back do nothing mannnn wtfwtf . gah forget it at least i finished sheryl's costume T.T

I went out early in the morning ytd with mom to pray , and met qi and the rest to giant . bought stuffs for today and went off to lina's house . mahjong on rectangle table . damn awesome okay . LOL

needa chiong costume .... really no mood . i shall maple instead . hehe .

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
my sister ~ i think , she's the best sister on earth can . though she's so irritating so bitchy . but thats wad make us more like sisters . she's so awesome cos she's the only one whom i can tell all my secrets to . mwacks .

Hi sorry for the lack of update . i've been . so lazy . hehe .

went out with mom on friday to get somethings to bring back indo , den meet anna to buy her cloths . the uncle still rmb us ! hehe . den went to daiso bought my boxes . I felt damn shag when i got home , and have totally no mood to pack anything . i was sewing kana's costume with mom like chionging and chionging . then i finally packed my bag for sat .

photoshoot on sat . i bloody woke up at 6.15 when i slept around 5 . bathe , and then hardcore makeup early in the morning . awesome can . we were suppose to like , meet 8.15 at marina bay mrt , i'm still home at 8 . mom throw me out when i told her i'm like suppose to meet them at 8.15 *heartbreak* met kana at raffles , reached there and realise k-on cosers not yet reached PHEW . some photogs also not yet arrived , so we went off around 9.15 LOL . changed there and there was this class of kids . kept staring so cute . One of the kids called kana auntie HAHA . It isn't good to shoot in the morning . SERIOUSLY . esp 12pm .

Photogs dying , cosers dead . there was this carnival there and had like horses events . damn cute can . but anyway we were melting like shit under the sun , one of the photog became ultimate saikang and sacrificed himself under the sun to shade for us . awesome . I was like under the shade , and when he removed the umbrella alfen was like , hurry we have 2 minutes to shoot before she melts ! It was seriously super hot . we were all burning . few photogs went down lying on the floor to get good shots and to find their backs burning . LOL

by alfen .

not yet got all the photos , they're all very nicely taken cannnnnnn . one of the photogs showed me his photos and i was like omg i didnt know i had this side of me . ;D

Intended to go down straight to sgc party with my costume but was seriously too tired and having headache -.- so dressed down . then went home .

i was shag like fucking much when i reached home , watched show a little , den i went to like intended to nap 15mins , woke 2 hours later . awesome . i just literally died . i had sunburnt on my shoulders . nice .

Went cousin's house today for her 1st month baby something . went home first to get shityi's acrylic gloss . i think i fucking awesome man . 2:50pm , i lied on bed , thinking lie 15mins . next timing i woke up was 4pm . cool man . So i didn't go shityi's house and went out to meet anna . harry potter with her meow . now i see why everyone rate it 1/5 . lol . halt's reason for saying it's not bad , ' Hermione half naked leh ' -.-
dinner then went home loh ~

gotta get up early tmr T.T *cries BUSY WEEEEEEEEEK Z . mapleeeeeee

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

don't really have one .. .. there's like so much cartoons i watch when i was young man .. if i were to say anime hmmm . Sailor moon it be !! it's counted as heroine what anyway . i wanna be like them , they're so pretty and they could use their powers to fight . woo so awesome .

it's gonna be a fangirling post . woohoo . but before that two shows to intro :3

To aru majutsu no index

actually ..... i don't really get the story so yea . and i don't see the difference between this and To aru majutsu no railgun . LOL . still i shall watch when im boredddddz

Kiss X sis

As i said .. this show isn't for minors .. LOL it was still kinda OKAY for me UNTIL i watched the OVA . |:

Okay fangirling starts * HEHEHE

Hana Kimi ( jap )

I watched this show like few years back and still loving it . I just suddenly rmbed cos of another show i watch . This is a super nice show cos there's so many jap boys WOOHOOOO .

And the one which i just finished ,

Mei-chan's no shitsuji

Shitsuji means butler in japanese , i just literally went crazy cos THERE'S MORE JAP HUNKS HAHAHA . it's like 10 episodes and an hour for each , i finished them in less than a day which it will normally take me 2-3 days . oh myyyyyy . Korean and Taiwan dramas can go eat shit cos japanese dramas are the aweshumez . No i mean taiwan only . You're missing out ALOT if you're not watching jap dramas , so much awesome shows , not to say Hana yori dango ( meteor garden ) as compared to korean version , no , it cant even be compared cos boys over flower is shitzzzzzzz . -.- casts are effing uglyyyyyyy . Whereas japanese version is like \0/ YKNOW . hurhur . yay fangirling mode ^^

Nanba minami in Hana Kimi . damn hot .

And him in Mei-chan no shitsuji !!!! gosh he totally became like . another person . it just seemed that butlers know everything . woo so cool i want one too .

rihito-samaaaaaaaa hug me hug me hug meeeee . omg i sound despo

Female lead is kind offfff .. like ......... ah well i believe she'll look better if she have long hair ^^

Mei chan no shitsuji , actually ........... not that nice la HAHAHA i just stared at all the butlers in the show . kind of sad i couldn't cry for the show , not touching enough . LOL .
I see how all the ladies fangirl Rihito-sama in the show made me wanna do so also kay .

RIHITO-SAMAAAAA ~ come to my dream tonight orhz . -inserts hearts-

A decent post tmr . T.T i just ......... fangirled too much today .

Ps/ no offence to all kpop fans HEHEHE

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

Ice skating on 31stoctober with my two dearest sisters . oh god i really love this photo my legs looked damn skinny wooooooohoooooo

its been like 2 weeks plus and i'm still on gumiho fever ): i wanna eat beef so badly laaaaaa

My mom is fucking awesome my costume is done today . with much troubles thinking what kind of skirt i want what length i want how tight i want it to be how big blablabla . since its a fanart so i could just change the design i want which made it more ..... difficult . TT somehow . but i'm so glad it turn out alright after consulting many ppl , it seemed . LOL . still need somemore edits ! which means ....... show moar of mai tummeh ~ the materials is fucking hot to wear -.- but my costume is kind of revealing so makes it equal ? heheh . no matter how i edit the skirt it still looked damn long to me . sigh .

gideon wanted to have tution tmr -.- damn . no studies during holidays laaaaaaaaa .

wa btw . i was having this super bad dream ytd , or rather this morning . it's just 1 and a half hour , cos i woke at 11 , went back to sleep , woke by my dream at 12.30 . it's so fucking scary i was kidnapped -.- argh nvm i think it's kind of stupid to post out my dream .

was watching kiss x sis and To aru Majutsu no index , er er er er er kiss x sis isn't for minors . hurhur -.-

ahlalalala shall watch domyouji ~~ woohooo

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

actually i don't really think i'm following the dates but yea i don't update at the exact same time everyday so i'll just do it when i'm blogging .

It be my laziness . As i mentioned i'm a really lazy person . Hope i wouldn't be more lazy and i'll not have regrets due to my laziness . If i'm not lazy .. i can relieve mom's work on chores . she've been nagging at me since ............. idk-about-7284910-years-ago ? I could hog on my computer and just STONE at it , and my day would pass , JUST LIKE THAT . how cool .

I meet my two sisters and went food expo woohooooooo . I hwan moar clam chowder T.T we ' accidently ' shopped for our chalet stuffs cos food was goddamn cheap . it's still a month more though HAHAH -.-

i refuse to believe chang-er and hou yi were husband and wife . nabeiiiiiii . Wiki starts bullshitting alr la . it just came to me that ... chang-er is with zhu ge liang . HAHAH fug i shall dig hongkong dramas and watch -.-

went to lina's house then did qi's nails . horrible job -.- idk why . literally nua-ed at her house . her mom makes oiishi pastaaaaaa ~~ creamy pasta ! couldn't finish it cos i'm damn full and ... i didn't get to eat my mee soto at home T.T !!

at N attempts of photos with spartan . sho kewt

qi's allx were at armstrong's house and we webcammed with them . alvin was damn irritating . LOL . then went home .

mom was halfway through kana's costume before i left house , and she was working on my costume when i get back . LOL . it was fucking awesome . Now i kind of think if i wanna do other days also since our costume are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute . I'm already in the christmas mood ~~! heheh .

i was feeling kind of .. -.- when i saw someone using same nick as anna . ah well . -.-

i can't wait for tmr ........................... cos i wanna eat my mee soto lunch . HAHAHA .

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

the best cosplay mates you can find . best of friends where we could just throw our unhappiness to each other HAHAH .

yay moms starting on my costume ! kind of hard this time round cause it's much of like , our own kind of costume made , since it's a fanart drawn by shityi . hehe . i had lots of brain cells killed thinking what kind of skirt i want . in the end i decided on one which would definitely zao geng much T.T wellll shall go do my props soon woohooo

Dinner at crystal jade ytd , FREEFLOW OF XIAOLONGBAOs . and i deliberately didn't take breakfast and lunch . i ate like mad can ! it was freaking awesome i swear . the taste of xlb still lingering in my mouth now lor ! HAHAH . it was a steamboat btw -.- food was oiishi . \0/

left a weeeeeeeeek !! i decided not to get jobs , realising i didn't have the time . muchly for december when i have so many plans . but still going for random jobs though , not getting a permenant one . damn saddening my acc left $90 . i cant survive with that .

waiting for anna to be back so i can work on my nails ~~ i'm kind of sick with the blue one alr . LOL .

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name

i .. has no idea . actually i think was because ........ SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO IDEA -.- prolly because i had this mole above my lips , so out of randomness . yes .

nabei so busy today . shook to woke today , expo , home , maid for 3 ladies ( makeup manicure hair ) , out w/ sisters , back home with one more yongsui . woooooooooo not bad not bad i didn't know i could do so much . thank god my makeup is passable T.T

damn i so hate my facebook dying on me . AGAIN -.- costume done this week ! i can finally leave sg w/ no worries T.T !!

happy me is a happy me .

i need mahjong soon . damn how i love gambling sisters . ^^

Thursday, November 18, 2010

omg so many people doing i also want do ! HAHAH . sorry . i really very bored .

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 02- The meaning behind your blog name
Day 03- A picture of you and your friends
Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why
Day 09- Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one
Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16- Another picture of yourself
Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23- Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25- What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29- In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Who are you?

Day 01- A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

- My name is Ong XinHui
-I inherited my genes from dad and thats why i'm tall ( not because i do sports or whatsoever i'm tired of answering the qns )
- I seldom brush teeth at night ( HOHO )
- I'm reallaye unglam when i'm at home , ( actually i'm the same when i'm outside -.- )
- I do cosplays . ( kind of fun actually )
- I don't believe in love anymore ( or rather i kind of hate it . )
- i enjoy taking weird photos of myself hurhur ( points to photo )
- I'm scared to go out of my room at night cos it's dark , so ... that's why i seldom brush my teeth at night ( back to point 3 )
- I detest smokers . fucking much .
- i tend to think alot before i sleep on bed , always aimed to do something the next day but never happened .
- i have this mini bolster which i have to have everynight , cause it smells so niceeeeeeee .. .. .. which have my smell on it hehehe .
- i'm a really lazy person , i'm lazy to bathe lazy to eat lazy to brush teeth lazy to wake up lazy to stand up HAHA literally everything .
- i'm currently having this bloody ulcer and pimple at the same area , hurt much and i didn't talk much today .
- i hate having the same thing as others , like much . i like to be unique .
- i'm a 24/7 facebooker blogger stalker . \0/ yeah .

is that 15 ? HAHAH i spent 30 mins on this wow . I'm cool okay i love all my awesome photos .

photo by Don777

this photo was sent by a photog whom asked for my email during the event . this is the only photo i found with me holding the cd . homg much . sorry for the 0% similarity but somehow i like this photoooo much ! the cd was passed to me by a random guy whom asked me to pose with it LOL damn i should have run away with it .

many people asked me which version i'm doing , it's not a very ' hot ' outfit . Worn by her in episode 3 , kind of fell in love with it when i saw her wearing .

Hope to be able to buy my cloth tmrrrrr !! LEFT MOTHERFUCKER 1 WEEEEEEEEK OH FUGGGGG it felt like stgcc is just next week -.-
i really love suntec held events ! it's so big hehehe .

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This should settle my boredom

Bold what applies to you .

My personality:
- I'm loud
- I'm obnoxious
- I'm sarcastic
- I'm cocky
- I cry easily
- I have a bad temper
- For the most part i don't like people
- I'm easy to get along with
- I have more enemies than friends
- I've smoked
- I've smoked weed
- I drink coffee
- I clean my room daily

My appearance:
- I wear makeup
- I wear a piece of jewelry at all times
- I wear contacts
- I wear glasses
- I have braces
- I change my hair color often
- I straighten my hair often
- I have piercing
- I have small feet

- I'm in a relationship right now
- I'm single
- I'm crushin'
- I've missed my ex before
- I'm always scared of being hurt
- An ex has physically abused me at least once
- I've told someone i loved them when i didn't
- I've told someone i didn't love them when i did
- I've been in love more than two times
- I believe love at the first sight
- I believe lust is more important than love

- I have a best friend
- I have at least ten friends
- I've gotten a phone call in the last 48 hours from a friend
- I've beaten up a friend
- I've been in a serious fight with a friend
- I can trust at least five people with my life

- I've been on a plane
- I've been on a train
- Someone closed to me has died
- I've taken a taxi
- I've taken a city bus
- I've taken a school bus
- I've gone bungee jumping
- I've made a speech
- I've been in some sort of club
- I've won an award
- I've spent 24 hours on the computer straight
- I've been in a physical fight

- I listen to R&B
- I listen to country
- I listen to pop
- I listen to techno
- I listen to rock
- I'm one of those people who play songs repeatedly until i hate it
- I hate the radio
- I download music
- I buy CD's

Television: ( hahahah this shows how much i watches tv )
- I spend at least six hours a day watching television
- I watch soap operas daily
- I'm in love with Days Of Our Lives
- I've seen and liked O.C
- I've seen and liked One Tree Hill
- I've seen and liked Americans Next Top Model
- I've seen and liked Popular
- I've seen and liked CSI
- I've seen and liked Everwood

Family Life:
- I get along with both of my parents most of the time
- My biological parents are still together
- I have at least one brother
- I have at least one sister
- I have at least one step brother/sister
- I have at least one half brother/sister
- I've been kicked out of the house
- I've ran away from home
- I've sworn at my parents
- I've made my parents cry
- I've lied to my parents
- I've walked out when I've been grounded

Hair: ( this is so not accurate )
- I've been brown
- I've had streaks
- I've cut my hair in the past year
- I've dyed my hair in the past year
- I've been blonde ( ERRRRRRRRRRR )
- I've had black
- I've been light brown
- I've been medium brown
- I've been blue/green
- I've gotten my hair thinned
- I use conditioner
- I've used silk therapy
- I've used hot oil treatments
- I've curled my hair
- I've straightened my hair
- I've ironed my hair
- I've braided my hair

- I've yelled at a teacher
- I've had an in-school suspension
- I've walked out of class
- I've skipped an entire day of school
- I've skipped a whole month of a certain class
- I've failed a test
- I've cheated on a test
- I've helped someone else cheat on a test
- I've failed Art
- I've failed P.E
- I've failed math
- I've failed science
- I've failed another class
- A teacher has called my parents

I shall try the 30days thing soon . This is what happens when you've nothing to do at home .

I left 2 weeks to do my next month's costume . I didn't expect myself to come back the day right before day of of stgcc . fuck much and i will only have half a day to finish up my props . i guess i shall just complete everything before i go back indo .

can't stay home anymore , needa slim for next costume .

oh fuck OH fuck , it's been 3 days since afa ended . and i've been so tired , i just can't seem to be satisfied with the amount of sleep . what is wrong with mehhhhh . Pimple and ulcer at the same wrong place . fml .

Time to do some cleaning tmr .

Monday, November 15, 2010

herrow .

i've finally decided to blog on afa though i've been at home all day doing nothing . i shall explain it later -.-

Friday night

I totally couldn't sleep at all cos i was damn excited . slept at 2 woke at 5 by sister who's going bintan -.- so i just nua-ed till 7 then i went prepare .

Day 1

went to anna's house to prepare first . As usual we were taking our own sweet time despite knowing we ALWAYS makeup slowly . she didn't cos but wore a wig , and was sk-ing for us hurhur . were done around 11 then we bus-train down . Met kana at cityhall then went to wore her wig . I didn't expect myself to be in sheryl mode that fast . it just .. came automatically . HAHAH . I wore shades there so they were saying imma superstar ~ indeed sheryl is ! HURHUR .
anyway went to eat first , then head down to the event . It was freaking disappointing ! Cos the usual level 3 were always empty and cosplayers could stay there , this time there was booths set up there and level 4 was fucking packed . -.- wandered awhile and found a hall for cos-ers . so we kind of stayed thr the whole day heheh .

Wall and wall of photogs kept coming in , me and kana were tired max , my mouth was aching from all the smiling . And i was having this horrible headache caused by the hairband , was fucking painful . my lashes too .

so photos ! day 1 first (: ah some are on facebook alr so .. HAHAH .

Loving this photo max .

vernice did naruto ( obviously ) and she looked damn chibi ! super kawaii naruto !

suiko was mumbling some pee-pee-pee words to me whenever he see me -.-

kaiyun (: don't really know her well but i wanted to take pic with her much when i see her photos ! pretty much heheh

halt !

There's still much more photos on day 1 but .. i'm reallaye lazy .

Day 2

I woke up earlier to dry my hair , supposedly to meet anna at 8 , but she didn't sleep for the whole night and nap awhile , and .. i met her at 8.40
Her costume , props and wig were not done , so i hurried makeup ( which can take me less than 2 hours -.- ) and i helped her to sew her costume , cut her wig . seriously i'm kind of proud of my work can ! cut her fringe till i damn happy . LOL . so we managed to finished up everything around 12 , left ard 1 . And did her prop on the train LOL .
head down straight to the event after kana prepared , once reached there photogs came in , i swear we stood there half an hour !! okay maybe not that long but 15mins at least . We were dying much from the flash , smiles and poses . and just went straight for lunch right after the photogs left .
Damn i love all my epic face .

sora wearing wig cos he's ... BOTAK . HAHAH . ns ns ..

my mom came down to see me ! HEHEH . and ..... she was the awesome tailor behind the 3 costumes of this photo . i think no one believe we're mother-daughter lor , major height difference . LOL

Jae came down too ! much loves to you shit !

this was dress down after day 2 . shag max and my hair looked like a whale .

Zoey came down with ryan ! she still fail to be as same height as me despite wearing her heels . HAHAH

so .. now photos by photogs . I wasn't veryyyyyyyyy happy when i got the photos cos .. i didn't know why my face looked so jiao . it seemed alright when i'm looking at the mirror ! must be the flash -.- much loves to photogs who photoshopped my face , pimples are hard to cure okay . TT

umm .... credits are on fb , kindof lazy to hunt the photog's name .

by hongleng i think (:

anyway , i'm a reader of iceangel's blog . and when i was reading her blog today i happened to saw my photo up there . HAHAH kind of cool man . so .. credits to her ! (: you can read her blog here

now ..... my few favourites . ^^

my ranka's hair looked damn awesome hurhur .

i think this was the best photo i found today . agreed ? ;D much much much loves to the photog who took this photo .

Now i feel kindof empty after afa's over . i've been awaiting it a month ago and now it's over within 2 days . But still i've enjoyed myself alot , i finally had a chance to see uncle cilc after knowing he's my cousin-in-law-cousin . HUR .

The best thing i heard from anna after day 1 was that a bunch of otakus were looking around of us when we were having lunch , and when we were back in hall 404 we were surrounded by photogs , and these otakus couldn't take a pic of us and was pushed to the back . anna being our sk was pushed back also and heard from them that they were looking for us , and .. one of them said the sheryl not bad . HOW FKING HAPPY I AM . HEY afterall this is like my 2nd character man ! i couldn't look good as a guy but at least i enjoyed being a diva . HAHAHA .

i got much positive comments from photogs and coser friends , but also negative comments are muchly appreciated , so that i can improvise more !

I'm reallaye glad i did sheryl , mom said i looked like a stick . damn i'm bloody 60kg man -.- Though i felt weird looking in some of the photos many of them said i'm pretty . I REALLY LOVE POSITIVE COMMENTS LA . HAHAHAH .

ah wellllllll now afa is over , i need to work and earn some $$ for my stgcc's one . This time i give much loves to shityi , whom drew the fanart xmas version for sherylXranka . Will do them during stgcc ! AWAIT ME !

and yes . -.- today was the results for our retest . we were supposed to meet at 9 , i woke at 9.15 i got spammage of calls at around 8 till i just literally threw my phone on the floor , the vibration is fucking irritating . 9.15 school called home , bro woke me up , saying that the teachers are all waiting for me at the foyer . i had to pull myself up and go down school . they bloody scammed me , i only see mr raj there man . took my results and i went home . -.- bloody shiet waste my time i could have went down later cos even thomas isn't there yet to take his results .

and so ... i didn't make it . i really thought i would . the test was easy , it was the same as our maths paper one . seriously i had no idea why i didn't promote . ah well it doesn't really matter .

i suppose haziq retained as well . i guess . . . .

did you get a shock ? HAHAHAH

obviously i didn't retain -.- the test was too simple for me to retain , how to fucking fail a test when you did it before . gavinbi set it much easier , choosing the simple qns . but for haziq .... welllllllllllz x.x

ah well . not that happy nor am i really sad . i will just have to wish next year flies faster than this year and get my freaking o levels over .

oh damn i'm seeing blur . muscleaches , headaches . after effect of afa . damn i shall sleep naoz . goodnight readers !

Sunday, November 14, 2010

hi afa was freaking awesome .

i'll be back for updates soon , i need my sleep max . damn .

note to myself : never wake up early after 2 days of hardcore events . -.-

Friday, November 12, 2010

- hearts max -

it looked nicer real life though . this was , thousands and million layers of top coat ( okay not really ) i'm having fucking difficulty to type . its like twice as long as my original nail please . goddddddd . i know the pinky is like the odd one out but .. I'M STILL LOVING IT SO MUCH CAN . mom was giving me the look , huh ? you did this ? and i was so proud of it can ! heheh .

But .. it was really a bad choice to use superglue .. ran out of nail glue , and to realise .. the superglue is really .. super . freaking nail glue made me had glue stains on my fingers and thigh . fucked up much but i've got no choice -.-

it's 1am now ! it's 13th ! i'm ready for afa ! .. .. .. .. .. .. i guess . time to sleeppp rawr . 6 more hours of sleep !

* damn . i remembered i had to go back school on monday for my results . Hi awesome nails .

Thursday, November 11, 2010

怎么办 。。

怎么办 !!?!?!

紧张死了 , 心像是要跳出来似的 。第一次扮演 lavi 时不见得我那么紧张 ,怎么这次一直在担心啊。。本来想说晚上再来 update 的。。 结果太闷了 -。-

虽然还蛮期待的。。 但 afa 毕竟是满大的,自己的服装也太简单了吧。。 有点后悔没做演唱会的 version。







时间过的好慢哦 。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。。 等一下还要出去 ,欣慧你也太肮脏了吧 ,两天没洗头发了 。 ( ^ o ^ ) 长头发的坏处 。

走出房间,站在窗外看风景 ,其实也没什么风景看啦,只想静静站在那里吹风。以为过了半小时,其实只过了五分钟 -。- 

怎么办真的好紧张啊。。明天的时间表 ,去 anna 家准备,再搭地铁去 suntec。考虑了好久该不该搭地铁,钱啊钱啊~ 我比较期待星期天呢!比较喜欢星期天的服装。呵呵。

看了看 facebook ,怎么大家都好像在忙着准备道具。我也要大大的道具啦!!

不好意思啦~ 看不懂华文的朋友们,我今天心情比较想用华文表达。呵呵

okay omg . my mind is all about afa right now .

Afa is 2 days .

Maple-maple-maple-maple whole day

look at mom sewing cos-mates costume

sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep again-eat again- *snoressssss*

- Have not done my nails . no , actually i did . I did this awesome set of nails . but not yet bought my glue . Guess i'm going for the hardcore one and i'm gonna buy superglue instead of nailglue . COS I REALLY LOVE THIS SET OF NAILS . blingsssssss ^^

Poor wig on my lamp . i think it's getting chui-er everyday . the pins are for uhm . maintaining the curls ? i really hope it doesn't give me any problems this weekend . *prays*

I've got no imba costumes for afa . It's more boring than my first one . Now i really wonder if there's gonna be photogs TT Come to think of it it's actually my hammer that attracted the photogs . thats why i love big weapons .. .. .. ah wellll , at least i could makeup now TT

I've been thinking if i should join anna for her atelier cosplayyyyyyy . she's been asking me and i've been rejecting . HAHAH . i love doing big big weapons . Couldn't find a character suitable . damnnnnnnn . forget it i should just go back being a saikang ._. SIGH . big sigh . big weapons i'll do you more often .... omg that sounds wrong .

i guess ............. posts until afa is over will be all on cosplay . HAHAH . i'm reallllllaye eggcited !! hehehe . Just 2 more days !! So many people's rushing for their costumes etc , and mine is really .. slack .. or issit that my mom works a little too fast ? she freaking completed one costume for kana , 2 ribbons for her and 1 pannier for anna . in like 6 hours ?! -.- i went to nap and woke up to see everything hanging on my door . cool or whut .

ahhhhhhhhh i think i can't sleep tmr . shiet . I've been sleeping real early recently . i mean this week . trying to keep my face complexion as good as possible . spamming skin repair cream . stop shedding skin . damn .

i .. have not bathe . teeheee .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

i'm crying while watching the show , but idk if i'm crying because of the show , or just that i need to cry .

Monday, November 08, 2010

hi .

it's been kind of peaceful recently eh ? i'm feeling so happy cos i'm meeting people whom we drifted recently .

Anna was here for her costume , and it seemed like we had so many plans but so little time . gosh .

Anyway , i'm on ' My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox' . I swear this show will be the next hot thing when it hits singapore . It started in around august at korea though . think it'll be hitting singapore soon . Not yet cried watching the show , prolly cos i'm muchly distracted . hahah .

The song is freaking addicting . du-fee-du-fee-du-la-fa

And the next hot guy would be him !!!!!!
* kiraaaaa~ *

Everytime he appears in the show i would stop whatever i'm doing and just concentrate on him . god i'm loving him so much although i know he's a plastic . TT sister and i always liked to discuss about him . HAHAHA omg he's freaking hot .

i'm gonna dream of him tonight , others all please shoo from my dream kkthx .

Few weeks ago ! i must be crazy not to wear a jacket . but i'm sweating there . -.-

we are all damn nervous for afa , but we should just calm ourselves down right !!! .. .. .. .. i've no right to say that . LOL .

Sunday, November 07, 2010

nabei . i got tired . freaking inconsiderate . seriously , stop freaking asking me . i've got a temper too .

i was being a very good friend to accompany my dear zhilin for her very late lunch , and then off i went home .
I almost cried just now nabeiiii , i was reading a tutorial on how to fix your frizzy wigs , so i tried it on mine which had curls on it . 5 minutes later , it became a straight hair wig . for one segment though . it totally didn't go according to the tutorial and instead it became a straight one , so i hurried and used my curler , dryer whatsoever , any methods that could turn it back to curls . To make it worse mom came in and straighten another segment . I was on the verge of giving up cos it just didn't want to freaking curl up . nabei . then i just heck care it and went to have my dinner .
But still mom went to help me curl them up with bobby pins , it somehow worked .. with the curls getting back . and now it's on my lamp , i couldn't off the lights w/o the lamp , and sis is sleeping . gah .

anyway i did my nails too hehe . i'm kind of proud . seriously . the combi didn't came out what i expected , tmr shall edit it . :3 * omg it's damn chio , i'm loving the colour max .

Bon voyage to lina ! hehe .

Saturday, November 06, 2010

i'm broke . like . shit . gosh .

i'm like watching ' My girlf is a nine-tailed fox' . holy it's nice man . i didn't expect that from a korean drama .

i think i only kind of rmbed searching for allx , then to kovan eating tau huey . well not a fan of tau huey so i had grass jelly instead . The egg tarts are awesome ^^

lina is super cute . hahah ! We were on the topic of what we had in common . Then we kind of realised we didn't have ANY thing in common , like nothing . But i think we're best at being guailan people only . HAHA .

i wanna see my ah wan tmr ! hehe .

6 more days .