Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 03- A picture of you and your friends

the best cosplay mates you can find . best of friends where we could just throw our unhappiness to each other HAHAH .

yay moms starting on my costume ! kind of hard this time round cause it's much of like , our own kind of costume made , since it's a fanart drawn by shityi . hehe . i had lots of brain cells killed thinking what kind of skirt i want . in the end i decided on one which would definitely zao geng much T.T wellll shall go do my props soon woohooo

Dinner at crystal jade ytd , FREEFLOW OF XIAOLONGBAOs . and i deliberately didn't take breakfast and lunch . i ate like mad can ! it was freaking awesome i swear . the taste of xlb still lingering in my mouth now lor ! HAHAH . it was a steamboat btw -.- food was oiishi . \0/

left a weeeeeeeeek !! i decided not to get jobs , realising i didn't have the time . muchly for december when i have so many plans . but still going for random jobs though , not getting a permenant one . damn saddening my acc left $90 . i cant survive with that .

waiting for anna to be back so i can work on my nails ~~ i'm kind of sick with the blue one alr . LOL .


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