Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

actually i don't really think i'm following the dates but yea i don't update at the exact same time everyday so i'll just do it when i'm blogging .

It be my laziness . As i mentioned i'm a really lazy person . Hope i wouldn't be more lazy and i'll not have regrets due to my laziness . If i'm not lazy .. i can relieve mom's work on chores . she've been nagging at me since ............. idk-about-7284910-years-ago ? I could hog on my computer and just STONE at it , and my day would pass , JUST LIKE THAT . how cool .

I meet my two sisters and went food expo woohooooooo . I hwan moar clam chowder T.T we ' accidently ' shopped for our chalet stuffs cos food was goddamn cheap . it's still a month more though HAHAH -.-

i refuse to believe chang-er and hou yi were husband and wife . nabeiiiiiii . Wiki starts bullshitting alr la . it just came to me that ... chang-er is with zhu ge liang . HAHAH fug i shall dig hongkong dramas and watch -.-

went to lina's house then did qi's nails . horrible job -.- idk why . literally nua-ed at her house . her mom makes oiishi pastaaaaaa ~~ creamy pasta ! couldn't finish it cos i'm damn full and ... i didn't get to eat my mee soto at home T.T !!

at N attempts of photos with spartan . sho kewt

qi's allx were at armstrong's house and we webcammed with them . alvin was damn irritating . LOL . then went home .

mom was halfway through kana's costume before i left house , and she was working on my costume when i get back . LOL . it was fucking awesome . Now i kind of think if i wanna do other days also since our costume are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute . I'm already in the christmas mood ~~! heheh .

i was feeling kind of .. -.- when i saw someone using same nick as anna . ah well . -.-

i can't wait for tmr ........................... cos i wanna eat my mee soto lunch . HAHAHA .


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