Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

Ice skating on 31stoctober with my two dearest sisters . oh god i really love this photo my legs looked damn skinny wooooooohoooooo

its been like 2 weeks plus and i'm still on gumiho fever ): i wanna eat beef so badly laaaaaa

My mom is fucking awesome my costume is done today . with much troubles thinking what kind of skirt i want what length i want how tight i want it to be how big blablabla . since its a fanart so i could just change the design i want which made it more ..... difficult . TT somehow . but i'm so glad it turn out alright after consulting many ppl , it seemed . LOL . still need somemore edits ! which means ....... show moar of mai tummeh ~ the materials is fucking hot to wear -.- but my costume is kind of revealing so makes it equal ? heheh . no matter how i edit the skirt it still looked damn long to me . sigh .

gideon wanted to have tution tmr -.- damn . no studies during holidays laaaaaaaaa .

wa btw . i was having this super bad dream ytd , or rather this morning . it's just 1 and a half hour , cos i woke at 11 , went back to sleep , woke by my dream at 12.30 . it's so fucking scary i was kidnapped -.- argh nvm i think it's kind of stupid to post out my dream .

was watching kiss x sis and To aru Majutsu no index , er er er er er kiss x sis isn't for minors . hurhur -.-

ahlalalala shall watch domyouji ~~ woohooo


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