Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day 06- Favorite super hero and why

don't really have one .. .. there's like so much cartoons i watch when i was young man .. if i were to say anime hmmm . Sailor moon it be !! it's counted as heroine what anyway . i wanna be like them , they're so pretty and they could use their powers to fight . woo so awesome .

it's gonna be a fangirling post . woohoo . but before that two shows to intro :3

To aru majutsu no index

actually ..... i don't really get the story so yea . and i don't see the difference between this and To aru majutsu no railgun . LOL . still i shall watch when im boredddddz

Kiss X sis

As i said .. this show isn't for minors .. LOL it was still kinda OKAY for me UNTIL i watched the OVA . |:

Okay fangirling starts * HEHEHE

Hana Kimi ( jap )

I watched this show like few years back and still loving it . I just suddenly rmbed cos of another show i watch . This is a super nice show cos there's so many jap boys WOOHOOOO .

And the one which i just finished ,

Mei-chan's no shitsuji

Shitsuji means butler in japanese , i just literally went crazy cos THERE'S MORE JAP HUNKS HAHAHA . it's like 10 episodes and an hour for each , i finished them in less than a day which it will normally take me 2-3 days . oh myyyyyy . Korean and Taiwan dramas can go eat shit cos japanese dramas are the aweshumez . No i mean taiwan only . You're missing out ALOT if you're not watching jap dramas , so much awesome shows , not to say Hana yori dango ( meteor garden ) as compared to korean version , no , it cant even be compared cos boys over flower is shitzzzzzzz . -.- casts are effing uglyyyyyyy . Whereas japanese version is like \0/ YKNOW . hurhur . yay fangirling mode ^^

Nanba minami in Hana Kimi . damn hot .

And him in Mei-chan no shitsuji !!!! gosh he totally became like . another person . it just seemed that butlers know everything . woo so cool i want one too .

rihito-samaaaaaaaa hug me hug me hug meeeee . omg i sound despo

Female lead is kind offfff .. like ......... ah well i believe she'll look better if she have long hair ^^

Mei chan no shitsuji , actually ........... not that nice la HAHAHA i just stared at all the butlers in the show . kind of sad i couldn't cry for the show , not touching enough . LOL .
I see how all the ladies fangirl Rihito-sama in the show made me wanna do so also kay .

RIHITO-SAMAAAAA ~ come to my dream tonight orhz . -inserts hearts-

A decent post tmr . T.T i just ......... fangirled too much today .

Ps/ no offence to all kpop fans HEHEHE


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