Sunday, November 28, 2010

Day 07- A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
my sister ~ i think , she's the best sister on earth can . though she's so irritating so bitchy . but thats wad make us more like sisters . she's so awesome cos she's the only one whom i can tell all my secrets to . mwacks .

Hi sorry for the lack of update . i've been . so lazy . hehe .

went out with mom on friday to get somethings to bring back indo , den meet anna to buy her cloths . the uncle still rmb us ! hehe . den went to daiso bought my boxes . I felt damn shag when i got home , and have totally no mood to pack anything . i was sewing kana's costume with mom like chionging and chionging . then i finally packed my bag for sat .

photoshoot on sat . i bloody woke up at 6.15 when i slept around 5 . bathe , and then hardcore makeup early in the morning . awesome can . we were suppose to like , meet 8.15 at marina bay mrt , i'm still home at 8 . mom throw me out when i told her i'm like suppose to meet them at 8.15 *heartbreak* met kana at raffles , reached there and realise k-on cosers not yet reached PHEW . some photogs also not yet arrived , so we went off around 9.15 LOL . changed there and there was this class of kids . kept staring so cute . One of the kids called kana auntie HAHA . It isn't good to shoot in the morning . SERIOUSLY . esp 12pm .

Photogs dying , cosers dead . there was this carnival there and had like horses events . damn cute can . but anyway we were melting like shit under the sun , one of the photog became ultimate saikang and sacrificed himself under the sun to shade for us . awesome . I was like under the shade , and when he removed the umbrella alfen was like , hurry we have 2 minutes to shoot before she melts ! It was seriously super hot . we were all burning . few photogs went down lying on the floor to get good shots and to find their backs burning . LOL

by alfen .

not yet got all the photos , they're all very nicely taken cannnnnnn . one of the photogs showed me his photos and i was like omg i didnt know i had this side of me . ;D

Intended to go down straight to sgc party with my costume but was seriously too tired and having headache -.- so dressed down . then went home .

i was shag like fucking much when i reached home , watched show a little , den i went to like intended to nap 15mins , woke 2 hours later . awesome . i just literally died . i had sunburnt on my shoulders . nice .

Went cousin's house today for her 1st month baby something . went home first to get shityi's acrylic gloss . i think i fucking awesome man . 2:50pm , i lied on bed , thinking lie 15mins . next timing i woke up was 4pm . cool man . So i didn't go shityi's house and went out to meet anna . harry potter with her meow . now i see why everyone rate it 1/5 . lol . halt's reason for saying it's not bad , ' Hermione half naked leh ' -.-
dinner then went home loh ~

gotta get up early tmr T.T *cries BUSY WEEEEEEEEEK Z . mapleeeeeee


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