Monday, November 29, 2010

Day 08- Short term goals for this month and why

well i think it be december cos it's the 30thnov alr -.- prolly just to do good in cosplay ba , i was so stressed over it 2 days ago and am still very stressed now . We had change of plans and it ended up me cosplaying on eoy with anna . and i have so much things not done , the worst thing is i'm flying this sat . no time and i have shit intakes on doing the headphones , i've got no choice so i threw them to shityi ( thanks alot T.T !!! ) i have to like finish up my eoy costume by fri , so i don't have to chiong like mad on the day itself . i think i'm so stressed that i dont wanna do anything anymore and i just literally throw everything to mom anna and shityi . sorry mannnnnn .

It's just the fucking wrong time to go overseas . -.- and i'm like going back do nothing mannnn wtfwtf . gah forget it at least i finished sheryl's costume T.T

I went out early in the morning ytd with mom to pray , and met qi and the rest to giant . bought stuffs for today and went off to lina's house . mahjong on rectangle table . damn awesome okay . LOL

needa chiong costume .... really no mood . i shall maple instead . hehe .


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