Monday, November 15, 2010

herrow .

i've finally decided to blog on afa though i've been at home all day doing nothing . i shall explain it later -.-

Friday night

I totally couldn't sleep at all cos i was damn excited . slept at 2 woke at 5 by sister who's going bintan -.- so i just nua-ed till 7 then i went prepare .

Day 1

went to anna's house to prepare first . As usual we were taking our own sweet time despite knowing we ALWAYS makeup slowly . she didn't cos but wore a wig , and was sk-ing for us hurhur . were done around 11 then we bus-train down . Met kana at cityhall then went to wore her wig . I didn't expect myself to be in sheryl mode that fast . it just .. came automatically . HAHAH . I wore shades there so they were saying imma superstar ~ indeed sheryl is ! HURHUR .
anyway went to eat first , then head down to the event . It was freaking disappointing ! Cos the usual level 3 were always empty and cosplayers could stay there , this time there was booths set up there and level 4 was fucking packed . -.- wandered awhile and found a hall for cos-ers . so we kind of stayed thr the whole day heheh .

Wall and wall of photogs kept coming in , me and kana were tired max , my mouth was aching from all the smiling . And i was having this horrible headache caused by the hairband , was fucking painful . my lashes too .

so photos ! day 1 first (: ah some are on facebook alr so .. HAHAH .

Loving this photo max .

vernice did naruto ( obviously ) and she looked damn chibi ! super kawaii naruto !

suiko was mumbling some pee-pee-pee words to me whenever he see me -.-

kaiyun (: don't really know her well but i wanted to take pic with her much when i see her photos ! pretty much heheh

halt !

There's still much more photos on day 1 but .. i'm reallaye lazy .

Day 2

I woke up earlier to dry my hair , supposedly to meet anna at 8 , but she didn't sleep for the whole night and nap awhile , and .. i met her at 8.40
Her costume , props and wig were not done , so i hurried makeup ( which can take me less than 2 hours -.- ) and i helped her to sew her costume , cut her wig . seriously i'm kind of proud of my work can ! cut her fringe till i damn happy . LOL . so we managed to finished up everything around 12 , left ard 1 . And did her prop on the train LOL .
head down straight to the event after kana prepared , once reached there photogs came in , i swear we stood there half an hour !! okay maybe not that long but 15mins at least . We were dying much from the flash , smiles and poses . and just went straight for lunch right after the photogs left .
Damn i love all my epic face .

sora wearing wig cos he's ... BOTAK . HAHAH . ns ns ..

my mom came down to see me ! HEHEH . and ..... she was the awesome tailor behind the 3 costumes of this photo . i think no one believe we're mother-daughter lor , major height difference . LOL

Jae came down too ! much loves to you shit !

this was dress down after day 2 . shag max and my hair looked like a whale .

Zoey came down with ryan ! she still fail to be as same height as me despite wearing her heels . HAHAH

so .. now photos by photogs . I wasn't veryyyyyyyyy happy when i got the photos cos .. i didn't know why my face looked so jiao . it seemed alright when i'm looking at the mirror ! must be the flash -.- much loves to photogs who photoshopped my face , pimples are hard to cure okay . TT

umm .... credits are on fb , kindof lazy to hunt the photog's name .

by hongleng i think (:

anyway , i'm a reader of iceangel's blog . and when i was reading her blog today i happened to saw my photo up there . HAHAH kind of cool man . so .. credits to her ! (: you can read her blog here

now ..... my few favourites . ^^

my ranka's hair looked damn awesome hurhur .

i think this was the best photo i found today . agreed ? ;D much much much loves to the photog who took this photo .

Now i feel kindof empty after afa's over . i've been awaiting it a month ago and now it's over within 2 days . But still i've enjoyed myself alot , i finally had a chance to see uncle cilc after knowing he's my cousin-in-law-cousin . HUR .

The best thing i heard from anna after day 1 was that a bunch of otakus were looking around of us when we were having lunch , and when we were back in hall 404 we were surrounded by photogs , and these otakus couldn't take a pic of us and was pushed to the back . anna being our sk was pushed back also and heard from them that they were looking for us , and .. one of them said the sheryl not bad . HOW FKING HAPPY I AM . HEY afterall this is like my 2nd character man ! i couldn't look good as a guy but at least i enjoyed being a diva . HAHAHA .

i got much positive comments from photogs and coser friends , but also negative comments are muchly appreciated , so that i can improvise more !

I'm reallaye glad i did sheryl , mom said i looked like a stick . damn i'm bloody 60kg man -.- Though i felt weird looking in some of the photos many of them said i'm pretty . I REALLY LOVE POSITIVE COMMENTS LA . HAHAHAH .

ah wellllllll now afa is over , i need to work and earn some $$ for my stgcc's one . This time i give much loves to shityi , whom drew the fanart xmas version for sherylXranka . Will do them during stgcc ! AWAIT ME !

and yes . -.- today was the results for our retest . we were supposed to meet at 9 , i woke at 9.15 i got spammage of calls at around 8 till i just literally threw my phone on the floor , the vibration is fucking irritating . 9.15 school called home , bro woke me up , saying that the teachers are all waiting for me at the foyer . i had to pull myself up and go down school . they bloody scammed me , i only see mr raj there man . took my results and i went home . -.- bloody shiet waste my time i could have went down later cos even thomas isn't there yet to take his results .

and so ... i didn't make it . i really thought i would . the test was easy , it was the same as our maths paper one . seriously i had no idea why i didn't promote . ah well it doesn't really matter .

i suppose haziq retained as well . i guess . . . .

did you get a shock ? HAHAHAH

obviously i didn't retain -.- the test was too simple for me to retain , how to fucking fail a test when you did it before . gavinbi set it much easier , choosing the simple qns . but for haziq .... welllllllllllz x.x

ah well . not that happy nor am i really sad . i will just have to wish next year flies faster than this year and get my freaking o levels over .

oh damn i'm seeing blur . muscleaches , headaches . after effect of afa . damn i shall sleep naoz . goodnight readers !


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