Monday, November 08, 2010

hi .

it's been kind of peaceful recently eh ? i'm feeling so happy cos i'm meeting people whom we drifted recently .

Anna was here for her costume , and it seemed like we had so many plans but so little time . gosh .

Anyway , i'm on ' My girlfriend is a nine tailed fox' . I swear this show will be the next hot thing when it hits singapore . It started in around august at korea though . think it'll be hitting singapore soon . Not yet cried watching the show , prolly cos i'm muchly distracted . hahah .

The song is freaking addicting . du-fee-du-fee-du-la-fa

And the next hot guy would be him !!!!!!
* kiraaaaa~ *

Everytime he appears in the show i would stop whatever i'm doing and just concentrate on him . god i'm loving him so much although i know he's a plastic . TT sister and i always liked to discuss about him . HAHAHA omg he's freaking hot .

i'm gonna dream of him tonight , others all please shoo from my dream kkthx .

Few weeks ago ! i must be crazy not to wear a jacket . but i'm sweating there . -.-

we are all damn nervous for afa , but we should just calm ourselves down right !!! .. .. .. .. i've no right to say that . LOL .


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