Sunday, November 07, 2010

nabei . i got tired . freaking inconsiderate . seriously , stop freaking asking me . i've got a temper too .

i was being a very good friend to accompany my dear zhilin for her very late lunch , and then off i went home .
I almost cried just now nabeiiii , i was reading a tutorial on how to fix your frizzy wigs , so i tried it on mine which had curls on it . 5 minutes later , it became a straight hair wig . for one segment though . it totally didn't go according to the tutorial and instead it became a straight one , so i hurried and used my curler , dryer whatsoever , any methods that could turn it back to curls . To make it worse mom came in and straighten another segment . I was on the verge of giving up cos it just didn't want to freaking curl up . nabei . then i just heck care it and went to have my dinner .
But still mom went to help me curl them up with bobby pins , it somehow worked .. with the curls getting back . and now it's on my lamp , i couldn't off the lights w/o the lamp , and sis is sleeping . gah .

anyway i did my nails too hehe . i'm kind of proud . seriously . the combi didn't came out what i expected , tmr shall edit it . :3 * omg it's damn chio , i'm loving the colour max .

Bon voyage to lina ! hehe .


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