Thursday, November 11, 2010

okay omg . my mind is all about afa right now .

Afa is 2 days .

Maple-maple-maple-maple whole day

look at mom sewing cos-mates costume

sleep-eat-sleep-eat-sleep again-eat again- *snoressssss*

- Have not done my nails . no , actually i did . I did this awesome set of nails . but not yet bought my glue . Guess i'm going for the hardcore one and i'm gonna buy superglue instead of nailglue . COS I REALLY LOVE THIS SET OF NAILS . blingsssssss ^^

Poor wig on my lamp . i think it's getting chui-er everyday . the pins are for uhm . maintaining the curls ? i really hope it doesn't give me any problems this weekend . *prays*

I've got no imba costumes for afa . It's more boring than my first one . Now i really wonder if there's gonna be photogs TT Come to think of it it's actually my hammer that attracted the photogs . thats why i love big weapons .. .. .. ah wellll , at least i could makeup now TT

I've been thinking if i should join anna for her atelier cosplayyyyyyy . she's been asking me and i've been rejecting . HAHAH . i love doing big big weapons . Couldn't find a character suitable . damnnnnnnn . forget it i should just go back being a saikang ._. SIGH . big sigh . big weapons i'll do you more often .... omg that sounds wrong .

i guess ............. posts until afa is over will be all on cosplay . HAHAH . i'm reallllllaye eggcited !! hehehe . Just 2 more days !! So many people's rushing for their costumes etc , and mine is really .. slack .. or issit that my mom works a little too fast ? she freaking completed one costume for kana , 2 ribbons for her and 1 pannier for anna . in like 6 hours ?! -.- i went to nap and woke up to see everything hanging on my door . cool or whut .

ahhhhhhhhh i think i can't sleep tmr . shiet . I've been sleeping real early recently . i mean this week . trying to keep my face complexion as good as possible . spamming skin repair cream . stop shedding skin . damn .

i .. have not bathe . teeheee .


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