Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

LOL it's not really something it's just me . i mean us . but whenever i see this photo i felt really happy . it's so blue ♥ and i'll always be reminded of the times i cosplay ♥♥

sorry if it sounded crap . HAHA .

AHHHHHH cancelled outing with qi cos she's having fever . so meanssssssss her wok is still at my house . LOL .

Heeeeeeeeeeey it's new year eve alr . a year passed JUST LIKE THAT YO . 3 years ago i'm still like . aiyaaaa i'm still sec 1 la . O levels? still got a loooooooooooongggggggg waaaaaaaaay . a year ago i went . aiya still got one more year la nvm ! and now . i can't believe i've graduated to sec 4E alr . counting that i'm lucky ( yes no ?? ) that i didn't retain , it's finally the year , the exam i had to take , which i studied for bloody 3 years in this shit school . Please , may 2011 fly pass JUST LIKE THAT please seriously . i kind of hated 2010 alr . Please make my 2011 better .

okay what the fuck . he's literally giggling like a retard on the phone with me right now . fucccckkkkkkkingggggg irritating .

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

seriously not thought about it . afterall i don't think i'll last with him anyway .

I met qi and zhilin in the afternoon to get our books , kind of scammed my mom money but well . HAHA . i got my books for free thanks to qi ^^ Lunch at Macs , and i went to tm to meet mom . i was in a dilemma in which phone to get , still i wanted a smartphone since everyone is using it HAHAH ._. iphones are everywhere now k . i feel so lose out using my shit lg icecream . smartphones are da best ♥

i rushed home after that , took my stuffs and went to meet anna . Dinner at popeyes (?) with her . My lunch and dinner is only about 3-4hours interval and i'm having fast food for the whole day -.- like awesome only . It just felt like i haven meet her for sooooooooooo long miss her so much ! nua around then went to whitesands , did kana's card . i swear it's likea damn cute !! hehe needa meet that bitch soon WOOOO .

eye look cute only .

Because some pig fell down and hurt his leg , i went over his house today . supposedly to take care of him but we kind of fall asleep hehe . -.-

finally got my liquid foundation and to my horror i found my bank acc left with 20 bucks . cool or what i didn't realise hahaha . tamade -.-

i really don't have the mood for countdown .

Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

shithui , it came from tracy i think . i has this hweeling . grayheart ah ong ah hui xinX2 .

tamade . i is mother fucking pekchekkkkkkkkkk . i went over to his house just now , like around 8.40pm . I alighted at the busstop , walked around , and i realised . i don't know where he stay though i went there once . I just randomly walked into this G block , and i called him . He said he stays at H block , so i fucking walked for 10 mins in circles looking for block H . There's A , M , N , F , L . ALLLLLLLLL infront of my eyes but no H . until i went to ask a passerby and he said i could find H walking a big round behind block G . so i fucking walk a big round to H . i went up the floor . and i realised the shoes and door design outside the house is diff . i called him again , and he said it's F , H is just beside F and he said i heard it wrongly . and i sibeh pekchek walk until leg gg die . until i went up his house , and he told me .

wa you really direction idiot leh you came my house once and you forgot , tell you H also really go H . FMLLLLLLL . -.- sibeh dulan .

nua abit then went for dinner with him and chen ah yao .

i swear my mind was full of vulgars at that time .

Throat is like a fucking pain only sia . aiya nabei -.-

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

I wanna learn manicure , i cant really do it that well but afterall it's my interest . Everyone has been telling me to take manicure as a part time job but .. i wanna make it my full time job .. T.T but i believe i can't earn that much as a manicurist anyway .

Sunday 26th .

I was suppose to meet him at 6 , i woke around 1 . I got kind of pekchek with my fake nails and i decided to take them all out . I think i painted my nails like 3 times wtf , i got really unsatisfied with my work and i kept removing and doing and removing . tmd . then i went to do xmas presents , kind of chiong-ed uh , resulting in alot chaota-ed ones T.T i went to bathe etc . By the time i finish bathing was 5.30pm , and i bloody changed like 3-4 times for my clothes . and ended up the time i met him was 6.30pm wahahaha .

His frd had 4 tickets to some circus at sentosa , then we went there lo ~ We took the bus and alighted at the wrong stop , resulting us had to walk all the way back , the show starts at 8.30 and we were still looking for the place at 8.20 . but we still managed to get there in time hoho .
The show is fucking awesome laaaaa ! It's called ' Voyage de la Vie ' i think . wtf please each ticket cost $112 , obviously the show had to be nice . hahah ! abit of musical/circus . the song is nice also cannnnnnn i was staring at this little angmor kid whom is like seriously jelly wtf , i swear he has no bones . The show ended around 10.30 den we bus to eunos to eat . cab home around 12+ .

he said i make nice cookies hehehe .

Anyway i've been learning this dance ,

I saw elaine posted her dance on facebook and i kind of got addicted to this song . This dance is fucking hardddddddddd but i like the chorus part ^^ hurhur .

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

never really thought about it though .. hmmmmmmmm .. most probably a rich person and i could like spend with all my mights within a day , just a day will do and i can die with no regrets . wahahaha .

so ... hi everyone . I've been learning a dance cover from vocaloid since an hour ago , i got freaking tired and came blogging . LOL . anyway it's christmas !


and it's over .

I kind of .. enjoyed my christmas ?? this christmas passed seriously fast . I celebrated my christmas eve with him and his clique . from bugis - pool - airport - his house . it's like a forever smoking time for them so yea x.x The other 2 pairs were kind of bickering with each other and it's like awkward yo x.x His mom is freaking sociable , in a good way . though she's kind of scary screaming at your face when you're just right infront of her .

eat , wii , mahjong etc . his mom lend me her home clothes cos i was wearing a dress and have difficulty moving about .. i was semi-dead idk why . his friends left around 3am , and i freaking wore my lenses and lash to sleep , until i got really pekchek of my lash i took them out , still leaving my lens on . the same cycle repeats AGAIN . he bloody elbowed my head when i attempted to pull the blanket over to my side . and i always got that less than a quarter of space to sleep . it's so funny when that i was talking to him a min ago and he was dead asleep the next . idk but i think i slept around 5am something , until 10 plus , i kind of woke , i touched my face - nose - eyes , and realised that one side of my lens dried up , it was like on my eye , i has no bloody idea how it came out -.-

woke like around 12pm - 1 , nua-ed , lunch with blindness . likea awesome . and he look damn cute with his specs on . he sent me off to bus stop then i went home , slept etcetc . then went out around 6pm meet him again , went to his friend's house at bedok , dinner was oishii ~ then to bedok inter meet his last min mahjong friend - tamp inter meet 2 other mahjong frd .

he just can't stop smoking gahhhhzz . then i went home lo ~

His friends are really interesting , but i just can't seem to get with their jokes T.T!!

it's a pretty awesome christmas for me . but it's waaaaaaaaaaay to fast to end it x.x

he smokes , he's the typical ahbeng looking guy ( once ) now not , with his short hair hahaha , he scolds me pig , he says that i'm fat everyday -pinches my tummy- , he drinks ( alot ) , he always fake that he's drunk , he is really chui when he's asleep . But i like it when he smiles widely at me , and give me the gong daidai face . hahah . it's a little abit hard to communicate but i guess we'll work that out (:

oh . also . he said he likes long hair girls . -grins-

opps . sorry i just , don't have the feel to take pictures . yea .

i never expected i'll meet a guy like him .

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

I returned from my 4 days 3 night chalet . i came back with mixed feelings . yes i had fun with my friends . but i don't know what i'm feeling right now anymore .

Everyone would probably think i'm a bitch if they know what happened . guilty feeling fucking much .

overall it's , spent almost the whole 3 days mahjong-ing . we trained everyone into mahjong-ing freaks . Lina and her 13yao which she finally got it , the guys and their angry bird . which i had no idea in .
i spent my first night in another chalet . slept around 5 am , i only had half an hour sleep because the person beside me was snoring like a pig . it was .. a pretty eye opener for me . he sent me back to my chalet around 12pm . couldn't sleep when i get back . prepared for steamboat .
second night i just remained dead cos of my half an hour sleep , they were mahjong-ing in the room , and i felt like dying straight . until few of us slept alr , qi jeffrey and zong?? went out of the room . think they tonned for the night doing idk wad . i was dead asleep hahaha . 3rd day woot spent mahjong-ing eating doing shit . everything was fine until i went out to meet him in the evening , everyone went home for the night . so he pei me for the night . it was damn horrible i swear , he took the whole blanket , the pillow , took 3/4 of the space , snoring super loudly, and hit my head with his elbow . i was shivering at one small corner wtf . i think i couldn't have any sleep whenever he's around z . woke by mom's call in the morning hurrying me to check out . apparently the office guy called mom . so .. yea check out went off .

sister bought koi for me when i got back home after my sleep . love much .

i doubt you guys can understand this post anyway x.x i can't really blog with mixed feelings . i tend to type crap . i think i have been stoning on this blogger page for 30mins . ah fuck la .

idk if i did the right choice , it's like all the troubles and all the worries is serve me right . wa fug what i'm typing . sua k bye .

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Day 15- Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play

rainie yang - zuo bian
jay - dao xiang
rainie - ke ai
mika nakashima - glamorous sky
trapnest - wish
megumi nakajima - anata no oto
k on - don't say lazy
scandal - shunkan sentimental
may'n - what bout my star
lee jun ki - j style

eye likea swollen only . woke abit too early ... ~ T.T I see the cancelling of dates on my calendar i start to xim tia alr T.T i was still happily cancelling my nov calendar .. dec i abit . T.T

aiya ta ma de . need to pack my stuffs etc alr !! I'll be back on thursday ~ ~ ~ bye all ♥

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 14- A picture of you and your family

about the same la . yessssssssss i have a big family hurhur .

idk why i started screaming at wq ytd night thru the phone hahahahahahahah . our plan ALWAYSSSS fail , so ended up she came to my house , delivered some stuffs , pass me somethings , used my com and watch me sleep . i didn't know i slept for 2 hours HAHAH and i woke up when i heard her calling my name . how cool is thattttttt .

ta ma deeeee 2 weeks of holidays left .

xinhui . just tolerate for a year yo . 2010 flew past just like that and 2011 will too . doesn't really matter where you go after Os just gotta go thru this one year . this one year will do .

Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

about . a month and 14 days ago ? hahaha . i'm glad we ended off . everyone has been telling me how not worth it it is . i regretted immediately when i tried to hold back . hurhur i was actually even trying to hold until after afa then suggest it but yea . i'm happy off alone [: wanqi's physco-ing .......

anyway i went to one of my long distance relaive's wedding ytd . idk how long it is or rather i think it's not that long but i don't even know who the couple is anyway . mom was nagging at me that i took 3 hours to prepare . -.- i took an hour for my hair , tie , let down , tie , let down . trying to go for the jap look but failz w/ my bunbun T.T

mom actually wanted to train there ( queenstown ) to meet my aunt who will drive us to the exact location . and i've been on a sulky face since we went out of house until mom agreed to cab to aljunied . HAHA i are not willing to go on train wearing so nice leh .

wedding not entertaining at all . 6 star hotel with not having to take the food yourself , food is served person/plate . how cool is that . i don't even have to pour/sprinkle the vinegar myself HAHAH . still was @.@-ing at all the rich taitais ._. cheeeeeeeebyeeeeee not fun wedding not fun , hope bro's wouldn't be that boring . but seriously . 6 star hotel with avg 3 star hotel food . cept that the utensils are X.X meowwwwws .

views dropping .. and dropping .. and dropping .......................... please click my nuffnang and i'll give you a hug .

hahaha . i expected that .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Day 12- How you found out about Tumblr and why you made one

i no haz tumblr hahahah i guess this quiz is from tumblr thus this qns , but i koped this quiz from other people so hahahah .

I'll not eat durian for the next 6 months ~ too much durian in my tummy juggling , i can't even eat dinner too ]: still i had fun with anna and erika ~~ bloody cheapo brush GRR . waste my $6 nb . pei sancun for dinner then went home .

hahaha my hair hahahah my hair hahahah .

can't bear to throw my overdued taiwan lens..~ T.T

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

opps . ikr my jiaobin , and mio's fierce face LOL they're really cute ! joyce's azusa is super moe feeeeeel ~

sorry abit . lack of updates , continuing the 30 days thing after my havoc week :3

My luggage still still dumped at the corner after 2 days -.- my costume all on the floor , mom has been nagging at me since ytd , i told her i'll pack them up today but .. yea ._. Needa refix the headphones ~~ I joined kwc's fairytail group ytd . as cana .. something . -.- bikini !! T.T If not for my cosfest plans made i think i have to debut my first bikini cos during cosfest next year LOL =3= i cant wait to see kwc half naked HAHAHA . cosfest both days full ~~ one day with shityi ~ the other with anna ♥ i can't wait for cosfest with anna , long long dresses ~

ANYWAY , i took out my wig ytd and realise it's in horrible state . it had super glue stains on it when we were rushing for the headphones , and balding terribly . no amount of combing helps until i went to search up a tutorial and tried using fabric softener , it miraculously worked !! it's like magic omg . one side extensions done , tmr shall do the other ._. too lazy hehe .

i can't wait to go out with 2 pretty tmr :3 hehe . ah . mess on table and on floor . on window ( wigs ) on bed ( clothes ) . when will i have the determination to pack them all !! rawr .

after so many days still fangirling the two butlers ~~ ♥ ♥

Money-holidayflat-money-holidayflat-money , should i ?? i feel so bad .. T.T !!

oh . i have ah wang hair now . not very but ya . i almost , snip my fringe above eyebrow . cos i took the wrong scissors . -.- shouldn't really treat my own hair like wigs . -.-

Ahlalalala ~ i feel really happy ytd , i created curecos today ♥ dA has nice photos of me
♥ arigatou everyone ~~ i will gambatte !!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

hoi hoi hoi hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~

Last events for the year finally ended . Well I enjoyed myself very much during stgcc , but during eoy it's kindaaaaaaa .. ah well nonetheless i made myself some really kawaii/bishie friends :3

STGCC day 2

Only did one day . I went shityi's house early in the morning , helping her to makeup etc etc . Her parents drove us both there and i met kana there , started preparing and we went up to the event ~ stgcc was awesome can , i met so much new friends and i really love the wall of photogs ! it'll only come when we have nice/special coses ._. Me and kana were having fun (yesno??) giving out sweets to kids ! They're so cute i swear! we went around giving sweets and all , wanqi tracy lina nic and jingwei came down to seeeee ~ finally . hahah ! but i went off cos was having shoot . I didn't expect alot of photos from the shoot , but they're all really damn nice . the awesome 3 photogs whom helped us in and out . Alfen , Mr magic and one more idk who but you guys are damn awesome .

We caused a jam in suntec city while having the shoot ._. everyone stopped and stared at the both of us whom is in the middle of the pathway . And having all kids surrounding us causing a huge crowd coming over , not sure if alfen and people could get the photos with situation like this but i really enjoyed it ! We went up and more photogs ! Had video cam rolling shooting us , an interview also ! super cooooool omg !

I gave everyone tried the seaweed pringles i bought , was damn nice lorrrrrrrrr some others said its not ]: Dressed down and we went off ~~ supa awesome , i kept having people pinching poking slapping my tummy LOL .


went anna's house prepare . it was damn horrible . cos we were rushing like mad and shityi's mom is coming over to fetch us . we just chiong and dump everything in my luggage . headphones super loose ]: i just felt damn weird doing it my face or the wig LOL .

Photo below
Camille on the left and mika on the right !

I saw mika ytd , just as anna was about to intro me to her she went off ]: so today i met her again w/ camille ( homg ♥ ) whom is doing orignal character as butlers . saitou wig is damn hotttttt on mika can T.T they both look so good as guys .. i seriously went crazy when camille hugged me -shy- cos they both looked so awesomeeeeeeeee i are happy miku ~~

Erika look super kawaii also ! i still can't believe we're same age ! i look so ... manry and she's the moe type ._.

I didn't really have the mood to go around taking photos w/ everyone etc as ......... i was having problems with my face LOLOLOL ( pimples... ) i regretted going eoy , should have went stgcc instead man ! but still ! it's awesome to know awesome people


Now that the events ended .. prolly i'll go around asking for shoots since i'm very very very free . LOL . ytd the moment i got to bed i got ko-ed and slept till 7 straight . LOL damn tired , now it's almost 2am and i think i'll go to bed soonnnn . been awake for too long . too tiredddd . I'll dream of my two bishie butlers tonight

Bye people ~~

Friday, December 10, 2010



i'm not really willing to upload any photos cos i uploaded them on facebook and it's 2am right now i'm so fucking lazy to upload here . But wellllll .

I really miss singapore man . Though it's a short 6 days trip IT SEEMED LIKE A MONTH , NO JOKE not as kuazhang as a year but it really felt like a month .

We spent about .. 11 hours on travelling when we're going there , we went on the sea , in the air on the road . basically everything . It's a pretty nice experience in kampong feel la . but i'm a city person so .. yea . 5 hours of car . 5 long hours . awesome ? 5pm - 10 . I just didnt really have the feel that i'm in indonesia until the bridge i once passed by , when i'm a kid la .

Mee soto in indonesia . sibeh awesome . almost everyday , we having 7 meals per day . like seriously , too much good food , going for supper every night . Mutarbak (sp?) , mee soto longtong kuehs fucking awesome fried tapioca ( STEADY DAMN NICE ) just let alone mutarbak alr have 4 diff types lor , salty sweet thin thick . sibeh nice .

Tueday in indonesia .

main purpose for going back is to celebrate grandma's 80th birthday . normally i would wake like around 11am , but today special . wake around 9 , i went down ( there's 3 floor hurhur ) to eat / slack / etc etc , went back room watched WGM , i slept , i went down again around 11 , then we started preparing food . They invited about a hundred or more than that of people , yes our house is big enough , so big that we can play REAL hide and seek . It's a buffet like and WE ownself prepare our own food , not order please . the amount of food , *peng* helping in and out , cut vege , running in from the front living room to the back of the kitchen panting like mad when i run from the kitchen 2nd floor to the living room 2nd floor . YES , YESSSSS , we have like two 3stories .

Like ..... two buildings? i missed out my chance on video-ing the whole house ]: you'll be shock hehehe . we're not even counted rich people lo .. but it's really that big that i can sweat and pant like crazy woman looking for mom . no point screaming and shouting like in my own sg house . cool much ?

Okay anyway , after preparing the food sis arrived with her boyf and jigor . just right after we finished everything ._. then we went up bathe changed to a dress ( mom said i should wear one -.- ) the food was ZOOOOOOOOOMed finish while i was stoning at the side . cool can . so .... thats like the end of the tuesday .

Oh ! and my really awesome niece , Li Si . she's so fucking kewt that everyone can stop and surround her and look at her . i would ask her , who am i ?! and she'll go ' ' or stone at me . so damn cute please , she was having fever and bad sorethroat , and we have to all force eat her drink the medicine , it totally seemed like child abuse , but she keeps puking out the medicine and made it as though we're forcing drugs . LOL . now i kind of miss her .. .. ]:

the rest of the days , eateateateateateatsleepwatchwgmeateateatsleep . awesomeeeee .

Life in indonesia , very carefree . It's alright to live their life slowly , they dun live their life with a motive , just chatting with friends everyday doing the same old thing every single day . Just feel that singaporeans are more .. narrow minded as compared to indonesian . yea , kampong life i experienced it . but i don love it . I'M A CITY GIRL . HAHHA .

bored long post w/ no pics . too cold and lazy to do so .



went out buy last min stuffs for tmr , meet anna , bought things , went stgcc . being it's friday , people there , 1/100 of afa . met alfen and a few others . its yuki's birthday ~~ we slacked there for quite a while before going to daiso , tamade buy so much shit . and i didn't expect myself to be spending today . taaaaaamaaaaaade T.T

I've been packing my luggage for tmr since 11pm until 1 . i was damn shag la can idk why . my nails fucking chui . i think it's because of my face T.T having pimple breakouts making me lose my mood . zzzzz . but welll it's a sat it's a sat be happy xinhui you're cosplaying tmr !! it's a awesome outfit dun lose yourself . it's at suntec convention again tmr , RP on sunday which is eoy . i'll blog again after everything ended !

* trying to rush everything in this post so i can have a decent post after the events

so .. sorry for the wordy post people . HEHEH . click my nuffnang! love ya lots .

Sunday, December 05, 2010

HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII i'm blogging from indonesia ~ i've been sleeping for very long . i'll blog again when i get back ! time to play with my dear niece :3

Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

i kinda realise it when i really thought about it , i tend to listen to jrock songs when i'm down , i don't listen to emo slow classical ones , instead i'll just spam high jrock songs . prolly it's just made for me not to cry .

HOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiii . i'm likea kind of shag right now . i had to wake up 8 in the morning tmr .. ( it's saturday .. .. )

But anyway , i was like pretty busy today , had to meet up with 4 people to collect/pass/deliver their/mine stuffs LOL . met qi for my jacket , bought anna's lunch , delivered it for her with her cloth , she passed me my stuffs , to shityi's house pass her my hairband and see how my headphone's going , met zhilin for my lenses . i was fucking panting when i reached home cos the floor is fucking slippery and i bloody wore the wrong flats -.- i kept stepping on dirty water with my flats falling off grrrrr fucking irritating .

I've broke my rule of ' Not having to eat after 11pm ' . I was extreeeeeeeeeemely hungry and went to eat the instant porriage -.- oh and i had the shittiest lunch ever omygosh . i bought a cup noodle at $1.20 at my house downstair few days ago and i ate it today ohmygosh it tasted like shit. seriously -.- kenna scam .

But welllll , i'll eat more msg tmr . FYI i'll be flying to indonesia tmr ): in like less than 12hours time . will be heading to batam first . noooooooo i really don't wanna go i miss spore alr T.T i was super reluctant and pekchek to pack my bag , having the rule of not wearing short pants there , i mean like outside of the house , since its like religious or something , i had like , no pants to wear -.- so mafan . zz . go back feed mosquitoes .. .. and i'll be going back w/o my jiejie *CRIES* she's having her exam and will be joining us like tues . i don wanna sleep with brooooo .... .... 4-5 hours of car ride .. ho seh .

Mom don't allow me bring my hello kitty there T.T !!!!!!!!!! i was super sad can . totally no mood AT ALLLLLLLL . i shall rot there with my sis laptop and harddisc .

oh yes anyway . I was having this fucking .. okay actually i really have no idea how to describe it but , this morning when i woke no one's home , and to my astonishment ( is it used like this but . you roughly get the idea yea ) i saw 2 mother fucker crows flying around in my living room . i was shocked and stoned for 2 secs till i shoo-ed them off . nabei i think they diarrhea man , shit so much from living room all the way to the kitchen nabei chee bye . its not the bloody first time alr man -.- but i didn't want to clean them up cos i was damn scared AHAHA opps i told mom over the phone and she was like YOU MEI YOU GAO CUO ?! LOL . but it was really horrible -.-

okayyyy i'll be back on thurs , hope to be able to connect there with my laptop . laaaaaaa ~ till then peeps . oh and 2 bonus picture :3

about .. 10months old this pic LOL

i don't think i showed you guys this right ? this was like in my second shoot which i look damn cui and evil in . not much nice photos of me cept this which doesnt have my face hurhur . photo by ssa i think x.x

AITES SEE YA SHITTIES SOON ALRIGHTS . so glad i'm back in time for stgcc . phew .

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day 9- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

that i successfully cut my wig which i had so much troubles with , ( though still thinking its god damn ugly ) , i finally reached lvl 50 after 5 , nearly 6 months ytd , eoy costume is completing soon ... with shityi's and mom's help . I've done nothing LOL cept to buy my materials for them . Oh ! i managed not to eat after 11pm ;D thats something good for me .

anyway , we had a 6.6 bbq on tues . The weather was bloody shitty and it started raining around 5 . so we waited until 7 plus till the rain stop . it was like .. 1/3 class gathering la HAHA . the chinese guys and we 3 girls \0/ it's good to see them after 3 years and we could like see how much we all changed , the primary school jokes , whom we always hated etc etc . when we doesn't know anything and we just play all day . really wish we could go back to then . everything ended around 11.30 and home at 12 . maybe we should have a gathering every 3 years . LOL

I went down chinatown alone ytd to get my few yet impt materials -.- It's not bad shopping alone man . Met shityi and kammie there cos needed to pass her materials to do my headphones \0/ awesome shityi . we went daiso bought metal sticks then went home ^^

i took out my miku wig which was in my cupboard for N years , i think i screwed up the wig can T.T it just seemed so easy to cut anna's wig but when it comes to mine .. -.- i need a model for me to cut laaaaa T.T but i guess i kind of fixed it .. i guess . -.-

the really shit timing to go overseas fuckX3 . I had to give up a cosplay job because of my flight. $150 .. ~ SIGH .

view dropping like shit .

flying off in 2 days time .