Friday, December 03, 2010

Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad

i kinda realise it when i really thought about it , i tend to listen to jrock songs when i'm down , i don't listen to emo slow classical ones , instead i'll just spam high jrock songs . prolly it's just made for me not to cry .

HOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiii . i'm likea kind of shag right now . i had to wake up 8 in the morning tmr .. ( it's saturday .. .. )

But anyway , i was like pretty busy today , had to meet up with 4 people to collect/pass/deliver their/mine stuffs LOL . met qi for my jacket , bought anna's lunch , delivered it for her with her cloth , she passed me my stuffs , to shityi's house pass her my hairband and see how my headphone's going , met zhilin for my lenses . i was fucking panting when i reached home cos the floor is fucking slippery and i bloody wore the wrong flats -.- i kept stepping on dirty water with my flats falling off grrrrr fucking irritating .

I've broke my rule of ' Not having to eat after 11pm ' . I was extreeeeeeeeeemely hungry and went to eat the instant porriage -.- oh and i had the shittiest lunch ever omygosh . i bought a cup noodle at $1.20 at my house downstair few days ago and i ate it today ohmygosh it tasted like shit. seriously -.- kenna scam .

But welllll , i'll eat more msg tmr . FYI i'll be flying to indonesia tmr ): in like less than 12hours time . will be heading to batam first . noooooooo i really don't wanna go i miss spore alr T.T i was super reluctant and pekchek to pack my bag , having the rule of not wearing short pants there , i mean like outside of the house , since its like religious or something , i had like , no pants to wear -.- so mafan . zz . go back feed mosquitoes .. .. and i'll be going back w/o my jiejie *CRIES* she's having her exam and will be joining us like tues . i don wanna sleep with brooooo .... .... 4-5 hours of car ride .. ho seh .

Mom don't allow me bring my hello kitty there T.T !!!!!!!!!! i was super sad can . totally no mood AT ALLLLLLLL . i shall rot there with my sis laptop and harddisc .

oh yes anyway . I was having this fucking .. okay actually i really have no idea how to describe it but , this morning when i woke no one's home , and to my astonishment ( is it used like this but . you roughly get the idea yea ) i saw 2 mother fucker crows flying around in my living room . i was shocked and stoned for 2 secs till i shoo-ed them off . nabei i think they diarrhea man , shit so much from living room all the way to the kitchen nabei chee bye . its not the bloody first time alr man -.- but i didn't want to clean them up cos i was damn scared AHAHA opps i told mom over the phone and she was like YOU MEI YOU GAO CUO ?! LOL . but it was really horrible -.-

okayyyy i'll be back on thurs , hope to be able to connect there with my laptop . laaaaaaa ~ till then peeps . oh and 2 bonus picture :3

about .. 10months old this pic LOL

i don't think i showed you guys this right ? this was like in my second shoot which i look damn cui and evil in . not much nice photos of me cept this which doesnt have my face hurhur . photo by ssa i think x.x

AITES SEE YA SHITTIES SOON ALRIGHTS . so glad i'm back in time for stgcc . phew .


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