Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 11- Another picture of you and your friends

opps . ikr my jiaobin , and mio's fierce face LOL they're really cute ! joyce's azusa is super moe feeeeeel ~

sorry abit . lack of updates , continuing the 30 days thing after my havoc week :3

My luggage still still dumped at the corner after 2 days -.- my costume all on the floor , mom has been nagging at me since ytd , i told her i'll pack them up today but .. yea ._. Needa refix the headphones ~~ I joined kwc's fairytail group ytd . as cana .. something . -.- bikini !! T.T If not for my cosfest plans made i think i have to debut my first bikini cos during cosfest next year LOL =3= i cant wait to see kwc half naked HAHAHA . cosfest both days full ~~ one day with shityi ~ the other with anna ♥ i can't wait for cosfest with anna , long long dresses ~

ANYWAY , i took out my wig ytd and realise it's in horrible state . it had super glue stains on it when we were rushing for the headphones , and balding terribly . no amount of combing helps until i went to search up a tutorial and tried using fabric softener , it miraculously worked !! it's like magic omg . one side extensions done , tmr shall do the other ._. too lazy hehe .

i can't wait to go out with 2 pretty tmr :3 hehe . ah . mess on table and on floor . on window ( wigs ) on bed ( clothes ) . when will i have the determination to pack them all !! rawr .

after so many days still fangirling the two butlers ~~ ♥ ♥

Money-holidayflat-money-holidayflat-money , should i ?? i feel so bad .. T.T !!

oh . i have ah wang hair now . not very but ya . i almost , snip my fringe above eyebrow . cos i took the wrong scissors . -.- shouldn't really treat my own hair like wigs . -.-

Ahlalalala ~ i feel really happy ytd , i created curecos today ♥ dA has nice photos of me
♥ arigatou everyone ~~ i will gambatte !!


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