Friday, December 17, 2010

Day 13- A letter to someone who has hurt you recently

about . a month and 14 days ago ? hahaha . i'm glad we ended off . everyone has been telling me how not worth it it is . i regretted immediately when i tried to hold back . hurhur i was actually even trying to hold until after afa then suggest it but yea . i'm happy off alone [: wanqi's physco-ing .......

anyway i went to one of my long distance relaive's wedding ytd . idk how long it is or rather i think it's not that long but i don't even know who the couple is anyway . mom was nagging at me that i took 3 hours to prepare . -.- i took an hour for my hair , tie , let down , tie , let down . trying to go for the jap look but failz w/ my bunbun T.T

mom actually wanted to train there ( queenstown ) to meet my aunt who will drive us to the exact location . and i've been on a sulky face since we went out of house until mom agreed to cab to aljunied . HAHA i are not willing to go on train wearing so nice leh .

wedding not entertaining at all . 6 star hotel with not having to take the food yourself , food is served person/plate . how cool is that . i don't even have to pour/sprinkle the vinegar myself HAHAH . still was @.@-ing at all the rich taitais ._. cheeeeeeeebyeeeeee not fun wedding not fun , hope bro's wouldn't be that boring . but seriously . 6 star hotel with avg 3 star hotel food . cept that the utensils are X.X meowwwwws .

views dropping .. and dropping .. and dropping .......................... please click my nuffnang and i'll give you a hug .

hahaha . i expected that .


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