Thursday, December 23, 2010

Day 16- Another picture of yourself

I returned from my 4 days 3 night chalet . i came back with mixed feelings . yes i had fun with my friends . but i don't know what i'm feeling right now anymore .

Everyone would probably think i'm a bitch if they know what happened . guilty feeling fucking much .

overall it's , spent almost the whole 3 days mahjong-ing . we trained everyone into mahjong-ing freaks . Lina and her 13yao which she finally got it , the guys and their angry bird . which i had no idea in .
i spent my first night in another chalet . slept around 5 am , i only had half an hour sleep because the person beside me was snoring like a pig . it was .. a pretty eye opener for me . he sent me back to my chalet around 12pm . couldn't sleep when i get back . prepared for steamboat .
second night i just remained dead cos of my half an hour sleep , they were mahjong-ing in the room , and i felt like dying straight . until few of us slept alr , qi jeffrey and zong?? went out of the room . think they tonned for the night doing idk wad . i was dead asleep hahaha . 3rd day woot spent mahjong-ing eating doing shit . everything was fine until i went out to meet him in the evening , everyone went home for the night . so he pei me for the night . it was damn horrible i swear , he took the whole blanket , the pillow , took 3/4 of the space , snoring super loudly, and hit my head with his elbow . i was shivering at one small corner wtf . i think i couldn't have any sleep whenever he's around z . woke by mom's call in the morning hurrying me to check out . apparently the office guy called mom . so .. yea check out went off .

sister bought koi for me when i got back home after my sleep . love much .

i doubt you guys can understand this post anyway x.x i can't really blog with mixed feelings . i tend to type crap . i think i have been stoning on this blogger page for 30mins . ah fuck la .

idk if i did the right choice , it's like all the troubles and all the worries is serve me right . wa fug what i'm typing . sua k bye .


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