Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 17- Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why

never really thought about it though .. hmmmmmmmm .. most probably a rich person and i could like spend with all my mights within a day , just a day will do and i can die with no regrets . wahahaha .

so ... hi everyone . I've been learning a dance cover from vocaloid since an hour ago , i got freaking tired and came blogging . LOL . anyway it's christmas !


and it's over .

I kind of .. enjoyed my christmas ?? this christmas passed seriously fast . I celebrated my christmas eve with him and his clique . from bugis - pool - airport - his house . it's like a forever smoking time for them so yea x.x The other 2 pairs were kind of bickering with each other and it's like awkward yo x.x His mom is freaking sociable , in a good way . though she's kind of scary screaming at your face when you're just right infront of her .

eat , wii , mahjong etc . his mom lend me her home clothes cos i was wearing a dress and have difficulty moving about .. i was semi-dead idk why . his friends left around 3am , and i freaking wore my lenses and lash to sleep , until i got really pekchek of my lash i took them out , still leaving my lens on . the same cycle repeats AGAIN . he bloody elbowed my head when i attempted to pull the blanket over to my side . and i always got that less than a quarter of space to sleep . it's so funny when that i was talking to him a min ago and he was dead asleep the next . idk but i think i slept around 5am something , until 10 plus , i kind of woke , i touched my face - nose - eyes , and realised that one side of my lens dried up , it was like on my eye , i has no bloody idea how it came out -.-

woke like around 12pm - 1 , nua-ed , lunch with blindness . likea awesome . and he look damn cute with his specs on . he sent me off to bus stop then i went home , slept etcetc . then went out around 6pm meet him again , went to his friend's house at bedok , dinner was oishii ~ then to bedok inter meet his last min mahjong friend - tamp inter meet 2 other mahjong frd .

he just can't stop smoking gahhhhzz . then i went home lo ~

His friends are really interesting , but i just can't seem to get with their jokes T.T!!

it's a pretty awesome christmas for me . but it's waaaaaaaaaaay to fast to end it x.x

he smokes , he's the typical ahbeng looking guy ( once ) now not , with his short hair hahaha , he scolds me pig , he says that i'm fat everyday -pinches my tummy- , he drinks ( alot ) , he always fake that he's drunk , he is really chui when he's asleep . But i like it when he smiles widely at me , and give me the gong daidai face . hahah . it's a little abit hard to communicate but i guess we'll work that out (:

oh . also . he said he likes long hair girls . -grins-

opps . sorry i just , don't have the feel to take pictures . yea .

i never expected i'll meet a guy like him .


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