Sunday, December 26, 2010

Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have

I wanna learn manicure , i cant really do it that well but afterall it's my interest . Everyone has been telling me to take manicure as a part time job but .. i wanna make it my full time job .. T.T but i believe i can't earn that much as a manicurist anyway .

Sunday 26th .

I was suppose to meet him at 6 , i woke around 1 . I got kind of pekchek with my fake nails and i decided to take them all out . I think i painted my nails like 3 times wtf , i got really unsatisfied with my work and i kept removing and doing and removing . tmd . then i went to do xmas presents , kind of chiong-ed uh , resulting in alot chaota-ed ones T.T i went to bathe etc . By the time i finish bathing was 5.30pm , and i bloody changed like 3-4 times for my clothes . and ended up the time i met him was 6.30pm wahahaha .

His frd had 4 tickets to some circus at sentosa , then we went there lo ~ We took the bus and alighted at the wrong stop , resulting us had to walk all the way back , the show starts at 8.30 and we were still looking for the place at 8.20 . but we still managed to get there in time hoho .
The show is fucking awesome laaaaa ! It's called ' Voyage de la Vie ' i think . wtf please each ticket cost $112 , obviously the show had to be nice . hahah ! abit of musical/circus . the song is nice also cannnnnnn i was staring at this little angmor kid whom is like seriously jelly wtf , i swear he has no bones . The show ended around 10.30 den we bus to eunos to eat . cab home around 12+ .

he said i make nice cookies hehehe .

Anyway i've been learning this dance ,

I saw elaine posted her dance on facebook and i kind of got addicted to this song . This dance is fucking hardddddddddd but i like the chorus part ^^ hurhur .


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