Monday, December 27, 2010

Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them

shithui , it came from tracy i think . i has this hweeling . grayheart ah ong ah hui xinX2 .

tamade . i is mother fucking pekchekkkkkkkkkk . i went over to his house just now , like around 8.40pm . I alighted at the busstop , walked around , and i realised . i don't know where he stay though i went there once . I just randomly walked into this G block , and i called him . He said he stays at H block , so i fucking walked for 10 mins in circles looking for block H . There's A , M , N , F , L . ALLLLLLLLL infront of my eyes but no H . until i went to ask a passerby and he said i could find H walking a big round behind block G . so i fucking walk a big round to H . i went up the floor . and i realised the shoes and door design outside the house is diff . i called him again , and he said it's F , H is just beside F and he said i heard it wrongly . and i sibeh pekchek walk until leg gg die . until i went up his house , and he told me .

wa you really direction idiot leh you came my house once and you forgot , tell you H also really go H . FMLLLLLLL . -.- sibeh dulan .

nua abit then went for dinner with him and chen ah yao .

i swear my mind was full of vulgars at that time .

Throat is like a fucking pain only sia . aiya nabei -.-


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