Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

seriously not thought about it . afterall i don't think i'll last with him anyway .

I met qi and zhilin in the afternoon to get our books , kind of scammed my mom money but well . HAHA . i got my books for free thanks to qi ^^ Lunch at Macs , and i went to tm to meet mom . i was in a dilemma in which phone to get , still i wanted a smartphone since everyone is using it HAHAH ._. iphones are everywhere now k . i feel so lose out using my shit lg icecream . smartphones are da best ♥

i rushed home after that , took my stuffs and went to meet anna . Dinner at popeyes (?) with her . My lunch and dinner is only about 3-4hours interval and i'm having fast food for the whole day -.- like awesome only . It just felt like i haven meet her for sooooooooooo long miss her so much ! nua around then went to whitesands , did kana's card . i swear it's likea damn cute !! hehe needa meet that bitch soon WOOOO .

eye look cute only .

Because some pig fell down and hurt his leg , i went over his house today . supposedly to take care of him but we kind of fall asleep hehe . -.-

finally got my liquid foundation and to my horror i found my bank acc left with 20 bucks . cool or what i didn't realise hahaha . tamade -.-

i really don't have the mood for countdown .


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