Thursday, December 30, 2010

Day 21- A picture of something that makes you happy

LOL it's not really something it's just me . i mean us . but whenever i see this photo i felt really happy . it's so blue ♥ and i'll always be reminded of the times i cosplay ♥♥

sorry if it sounded crap . HAHA .

AHHHHHH cancelled outing with qi cos she's having fever . so meanssssssss her wok is still at my house . LOL .

Heeeeeeeeeeey it's new year eve alr . a year passed JUST LIKE THAT YO . 3 years ago i'm still like . aiyaaaa i'm still sec 1 la . O levels? still got a loooooooooooongggggggg waaaaaaaaay . a year ago i went . aiya still got one more year la nvm ! and now . i can't believe i've graduated to sec 4E alr . counting that i'm lucky ( yes no ?? ) that i didn't retain , it's finally the year , the exam i had to take , which i studied for bloody 3 years in this shit school . Please , may 2011 fly pass JUST LIKE THAT please seriously . i kind of hated 2010 alr . Please make my 2011 better .

okay what the fuck . he's literally giggling like a retard on the phone with me right now . fucccckkkkkkkingggggg irritating .


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