Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Day 9- Something you’re proud of in the past few days

that i successfully cut my wig which i had so much troubles with , ( though still thinking its god damn ugly ) , i finally reached lvl 50 after 5 , nearly 6 months ytd , eoy costume is completing soon ... with shityi's and mom's help . I've done nothing LOL cept to buy my materials for them . Oh ! i managed not to eat after 11pm ;D thats something good for me .

anyway , we had a 6.6 bbq on tues . The weather was bloody shitty and it started raining around 5 . so we waited until 7 plus till the rain stop . it was like .. 1/3 class gathering la HAHA . the chinese guys and we 3 girls \0/ it's good to see them after 3 years and we could like see how much we all changed , the primary school jokes , whom we always hated etc etc . when we doesn't know anything and we just play all day . really wish we could go back to then . everything ended around 11.30 and home at 12 . maybe we should have a gathering every 3 years . LOL

I went down chinatown alone ytd to get my few yet impt materials -.- It's not bad shopping alone man . Met shityi and kammie there cos needed to pass her materials to do my headphones \0/ awesome shityi . we went daiso bought metal sticks then went home ^^

i took out my miku wig which was in my cupboard for N years , i think i screwed up the wig can T.T it just seemed so easy to cut anna's wig but when it comes to mine .. -.- i need a model for me to cut laaaaa T.T but i guess i kind of fixed it .. i guess . -.-

the really shit timing to go overseas fuckX3 . I had to give up a cosplay job because of my flight. $150 .. ~ SIGH .

view dropping like shit .

flying off in 2 days time .


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