Sunday, December 12, 2010

hoi hoi hoi hoiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ~

Last events for the year finally ended . Well I enjoyed myself very much during stgcc , but during eoy it's kindaaaaaaa .. ah well nonetheless i made myself some really kawaii/bishie friends :3

STGCC day 2

Only did one day . I went shityi's house early in the morning , helping her to makeup etc etc . Her parents drove us both there and i met kana there , started preparing and we went up to the event ~ stgcc was awesome can , i met so much new friends and i really love the wall of photogs ! it'll only come when we have nice/special coses ._. Me and kana were having fun (yesno??) giving out sweets to kids ! They're so cute i swear! we went around giving sweets and all , wanqi tracy lina nic and jingwei came down to seeeee ~ finally . hahah ! but i went off cos was having shoot . I didn't expect alot of photos from the shoot , but they're all really damn nice . the awesome 3 photogs whom helped us in and out . Alfen , Mr magic and one more idk who but you guys are damn awesome .

We caused a jam in suntec city while having the shoot ._. everyone stopped and stared at the both of us whom is in the middle of the pathway . And having all kids surrounding us causing a huge crowd coming over , not sure if alfen and people could get the photos with situation like this but i really enjoyed it ! We went up and more photogs ! Had video cam rolling shooting us , an interview also ! super cooooool omg !

I gave everyone tried the seaweed pringles i bought , was damn nice lorrrrrrrrr some others said its not ]: Dressed down and we went off ~~ supa awesome , i kept having people pinching poking slapping my tummy LOL .


went anna's house prepare . it was damn horrible . cos we were rushing like mad and shityi's mom is coming over to fetch us . we just chiong and dump everything in my luggage . headphones super loose ]: i just felt damn weird doing it my face or the wig LOL .

Photo below
Camille on the left and mika on the right !

I saw mika ytd , just as anna was about to intro me to her she went off ]: so today i met her again w/ camille ( homg ♥ ) whom is doing orignal character as butlers . saitou wig is damn hotttttt on mika can T.T they both look so good as guys .. i seriously went crazy when camille hugged me -shy- cos they both looked so awesomeeeeeeeee i are happy miku ~~

Erika look super kawaii also ! i still can't believe we're same age ! i look so ... manry and she's the moe type ._.

I didn't really have the mood to go around taking photos w/ everyone etc as ......... i was having problems with my face LOLOLOL ( pimples... ) i regretted going eoy , should have went stgcc instead man ! but still ! it's awesome to know awesome people


Now that the events ended .. prolly i'll go around asking for shoots since i'm very very very free . LOL . ytd the moment i got to bed i got ko-ed and slept till 7 straight . LOL damn tired , now it's almost 2am and i think i'll go to bed soonnnn . been awake for too long . too tiredddd . I'll dream of my two bishie butlers tonight

Bye people ~~


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