Friday, January 28, 2011

fuck man i really miss cosplay .

i'm gonna take a few of my weekends hunting materials soon . I WANT TO HAVE A BREAK PLEASE .

anywayyyyyy . hi yes people i'm 16 ! i expected it to be just another day . i don't intend to celebrate it big , nor even do i intend to go out with friends and have fun etc . it just .. felt like oh it's another birthday . does it matter ? it didn't meant that much to me .

still i have got awesome sisters , whom scammed me , said going home , going meet buyer etc . they ended up in my house ,IN MY ROOM when i got home at 6 pm + after dnt asp . i received a fucking awesome cake from them . it was so xiasuay cos i thought it was my jie in the room , as they locked the door . and having coming back home tired like shit i kind of banged the door screaming like some crazy woman outside my room . And to fucking see 3 of my lovely sisters with a cake . fuck man . i swear i was fucking touched .

Zhilin wanqi lina awwwww love you all .

I was shagged max today in school . Not having enough sleep i can barely open my eyes . My mind was kind of switched off during english . and trying to keep myself awake drifting my mind to cosplay . argh fuccccck . sleeping at 12am+ 1 , waking up at 6am everyday . isn't a good idea .

dear looks like in good mood recently looooool . we've not been arguing yo ! happy me hehe .

cosfest . SETTLED . with plans only . hahaha . macross on day 1 , canterella on day 2 . finally , canterella . and i'm fucking gonna wear long gowns for both the daysssss . yay awesome awesome . okay tamade i can't wait . opps mind shifted . LOL .

ahhhh . anyway i'm thankful for all the birthday wishes ! in school , texts and on facebook ! it's kind of scary with over 200+ wishes on fb . i didn't know i knew so many people . LOL . ah well . thanks all -inserts heart plenty-

going off for bed soon ! new year shopping with my hearts tmr ! yays .

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dear and his friends kind of celebrated my birthday last sat . everything was good . until night . yea . -.- i got home at 2 lol . and first month with love .

Sunday was productive . D&T , helping mom with her cny goodies , dinner for my birthday .

school was as torturing . Getting the hang of dnt , still not coping with science , surviving with maths . I decided to give a miss to all my aspS today . yes the ' S ' . i don't find a need to go to extra physics lesson with ms sin/chew . I need a sleep SO SO SO badly . i just head home and sleep right after lunch .

Dear and his mood swings , again .

it's just a birthday yo . and yes , i'll be spending my birthday in school
♥ with asp . i reckon it'll just be another day to me .

ahlalalala . drowning myself in school work . bye .

i can't even have time for cosplays . fuckkkkkkkk .

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's another friday , but another different weekend .

Can't say i'm looking forward though but i'm kind of scared to see what's it for me ._. But anyway , i'm really . really happy . i decided something which i would not do , and it somehow turned out pretty alright . I'm satisfied with the results . [:

I've been really bloody unproductive for 2 days already !! i need to start doing everything on sunday !

starting to like the subject would make you love for it , loving the subject would make you score well for it . so i must start to like physics and chem . GOGO !!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


时间会不会过的太快了吧。 也不能说是被 ’ 绑架 ‘ ,要不是自己说出那种话,他也不会真的下来接我。

只知道被通知他会真的下来接我时,心里一直扑通扑通地跳。当我看到他站在德士外,等着我下去时,讲真的 我还蛮想哭的 。

就这样 ,原本应该在自己的度假屋过的那个晚上 ,却是在另一个陌生的环境度过了。自己不喝酒,不抽烟 ,大家都问我怎么那么安静 。心里觉得自己想个乡巴佬似的。而且只能像个跟屁虫一直跟在他身后。


现在回头想想 ,心里怎么还会紧张呢。当时发生的事好像是昨天似的。


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i know it best myself . why did i let it happen . fuck my life .

Sunday, January 16, 2011

busy like a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

Jialing jie came over to our house today and taught me the cookies she made for us the other day ! Some particular chocolate thing and cornflake thing . We were both so busy in the kitchen till cun called and i went to meet him . I had to pack all the cny goodies samples for him and the cookies i made ^^ damnnnnn busy . His mom said i made nice cookies WOOHOOOOOO cept that it's not that sweet hoho . I was watching him play his game until i fall asleep ._. and he woke me up lol .

today .

I was seriously busy the whole day , finally one weekend that i didn't nuaaaaaaaa infront of my computer . Started baking my chocolate that was suppose to be in the freezer for a night , awesome chocolate brownie/melts idk-what , turned out to be fucking nice . Ahhhhh loving to bake but i made a mess in mom's kitchen HAHA . Sister was preparing for her picnic and apparently with the both of us in the kitchen it's havoc . chocolate smell and egg smell doesn't go well tgt -.- Finished baking and i got fucking tired , went to nap and got woke up AGAIN by zhilin , like in the morning .
woke up and helped mom with cny goodies , damn cui damn busy . went with my dnt work afterwards and helped mom with the love letters . T.T slow machine which i had to wait N years for to bake . scald my hand again and again . I'm glad she doesn't sell love letters cos it'll be damn havoc if we make it .

Busiest time of the year , again ~ getting more orders as compared to the usual years ! Shall be a good girl and help mom whenever i can wahahaha . ( good excuse to slack while studying )

Busy month . So busy that i can't even celebrate my first month .

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hardcore week is finally ... OVERRRRRRRR .

so much work and only 2 tiny weeny days of rest . Cip was awesome today , OM let me off ^^ i helped cleaner auntie to sweep like 4 classrooms hehehe . and they have to do the routine like everyday ! mygod . Lesson learnt : not to litter the classrooms . As i know the cleaners would have to clean up our mess after we do so . Responsibility yo .

Anyway zhilin the elephant sprained her leg when i went over to find them and all i know was , laughing throughout . i felt so sadistic laughing at her but she's seriously too comedy . HAHA . Bennylow sent her home with me wq and bryanjoseph . Me and wq can't help but hold back our laughter when we saw the uncle helping zhilin to massage her leg . Her face is seriously epic i swear . Had lunch over at her house and i slept . HAHAH . Got home , and nua-ed around till 5+ when i decided to meet cun . went over to his friend's house and .. guess what . we broke his friend's bed .

LOL . serious . no joke . fucking xiasuay .

i swear i'm fucking tired right now i can't think woohoo okaybye .

now get the fuck out of our life .

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I need a break . a looooooooooooooong break .

shouldn't try coming home at 8pm knowing there's school the next day . I stayed in school till evening before going over to meet cun . I am seriously , shag max currently . I didn't have a good sleep the night before , someone broke my promise also . well i broke his too so we're equal .

I just somehow getting abit into O level's mood after going through and doing today's dnt work .

Oooooooooo i love doing cip k . now fuck the awesome person .

My life like wonderful only right .

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

I just took the photos from cny'09 and cny'10 .

Like not much diff leh .

that was still when my face condition is still perfect for me .

Too much oil intake recently . I naggggggggged at zhilin for fries during recess today and i was really craving for it soooooooooo much ! I seriously can't stay awake today and was trying hard not to sleep . gahhhh .

apparently the school thinks my family owns the bank and i FORCED , mind you not asked . i was literally pulled over to buy a new skirt which i had the total same size at home fml , skirt length didn't at all make a diff . cept that it's freaking loose . Thats why no one understands why it's not good being tall , you get the attraction from the school dm / p / vp instantly . and they'll notice how short your skirt is . wa fml man . it's my fucking last year in es and i have to fucking waste another $12 buying another new skirt which was SO not needed .

I gave a miss going over cun's house cos i was freaking tired , like seriously . I can't seem to understand what the tv show was going on when i was having my lunch cos i'm god damn tired . And it seemed that i had to do alot of school work . fml laaaaaa . ]:

Momsy finally getting her cny goodies sold online thanks to the help of bro , i shall help her advert too wooooooo . ^^

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

bored whatzzzzz . i think i've been doing this for almost 2 months hahaha

my mom likea good at acting only ._. nonetheless i still love dear . (:

just returned home not long from meeting his uncle and colleagues at bedok market . tmd de cold and i only wore one jacket . thats all no inner tshirt . cold like -.- Saw kwc at tamp inter otw there and he OIE-ed me , and i was like about to walk off cos i tot it was some random mud . HAHA .

how can someone just fall asleep JUST LIKE THAT though i know he's really fast at sleeping but , how can you sleep when i just kept quiet for like less than a minute ?! like pro only ._.

i'm reallaye tired . my eyes can't open alr laaaaaaaa . fml ]: why lidat .

Saturday, January 08, 2011

Day 26- What you think about your friends

important . just that i always feel fucking bad to pangseh them lol .

midway of my weekends . First weekend of school term . Like fucking tired only .

I went to fareast with zhilin after school ytd , went up to zoey's house before that and saw her cat , which was totally alike human . the way she sleeps lol ! by the time we prep finish was like 6pm and we reached there like 7 awesome . oh and we fucking saw STEVEN LIM at orchard . he attempted to approach us with something but i kind of pulled zhilin away cos i think he's fucking ugly . -.- went over to zhilin's friend's house before cabbing down to tamp to meet cun . i was on the phone with mom and i just walked on the grass without noticing a fucking spiky tree branch and there my foot went right into it .

and i screamed like a bitch .

finalllllllllly had my photo taken with him ! it's fucking awesome and chio . heh . i got threatened and went home at 1am ]:

slept till my usual holiday timing today ( missing it missing it ]: ) went nua around at home . i decided to go back to sleep till cun called . Bloody stomachache man . kind of diarrhea . bloody hell -.- he went to play ball at 4 while zhilin came over to find me after her event ended . i got free products from her wooo ! Maybelline's product be awesome .

went up her house and had oishii guava ahahaha . somehow i really wanted her to live in with me . went to meet cun again after . shit zhilin who told me east spring backcourt is behind east spring sec . i walked to there and realise there's no bball court at all . till i decided to call wq and found that it's actually behind east spring PRI . oh fml . my foot machiam made of metal sia . -.- dinner with cun then went home lohhhhhhhh .

-is bloody full right now but still wants pasar malam food LOL- it's god damn cold here . I need to get my textbooks/tys etcetc from anna and cousinnnnnn . when will i have the mood to go over their house and take man -.- but i'm left with tmr anyway so . ya . -.-

你再不打来我就要睡了。。。 ]:

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

my bag when i always go out perhaps . Actually i would always pack my bag last minute and would just dump whatever i remember to bring . A must is my makeup kit , wallet , itouch , keys , phone . if i remembers and have the time i would bring a bottle of water out , and tissue papers looool . and i would see whatever shit is on my table , i would just grab and throw into my bag , hairbands/clips etcetc .

first day of school was never good for all of us . I only remembered having to talk on phone with cun until 1am before the first day of school . i woke up like shag only .

For the N times i unpicked my skirt , i had to do it AGAIN . i just find they pick on tall girls -.-

it's kind of ridiculous for them to put us under good teachers ( finally ) after 3 years of my life in east spring . like . sec3 basics we can't even get it right now whats the fucking use of putting us under better coaching teachers yo .

Head over for Koi after school .

Went home , bathe , went out to get my maths textbooks from anna ( thankssss muchies dear ) , then i had to bus to bedok to meet cun with my night blindness . i had to squint my eyes to see the bus numbers cos i'm wearing the lens that's not my degree LOL . and i don't know where to stop at . like cool only wtfff .

and so i wore my new skirt today . how awesome cos i had to pull my skirt up every step . i remember when i bought the skirt last year it the size was jusssssssst nice and now i wore it it became loose . Aha ! shows something yo . ^^

saturdays and sundays are now so dear to me . damnnnn .

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day 24- A letter to your parents

idk where to start man seriously .

To both momsy and dad , thankyou both for this 15-16 years of my life . i know i've not been listening to you two recently , kept going out until late nights . Despite mom screaming in the phone nagging at me not to stay out overnight i still did so . sorry . Idk how many thankyous and how much i can do to repay you two . i know i did alot of wrong things , and you two just merely nagged at me , unlike other parents who would just slap their children . seriously really thankyou both . though you're both always nagging at me , and dad would alwwwwwwwaaaaays say the bloody same thing every single night , but i know you're doing it for me . So , really thankyou , mom and dad .


Likea weird only ._.

we were talking on phone till 4am the day before , and i woke up like cui only . idk why . i wasn't in the mood to talk ytd , or rather this morning 1am . I just orh-ed , huh-ed to what he said . and he just went the same as well and i kup his phone LOL . knssss .

i'm really really not in the mood for school . i don want to face the stress , or rather i don't feel any stress . aiya -.- fuck la sia . z

Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot


Dedication posts . Not alot , not too much friends i have .

Hi my love . It's like .. about a year and a half since we knew each other ? You've been a really awesome cosplay mate , my awesome ranka . i really dk how it's like if i didn't know you . Though recently it's been a serious head problem cos of your relationship problems , which me and anna had no chance of persuading you in . All i can say is all the best , if you really think you can be happy in this relationship , go ahead and we support . if anything falls then i'll be there to hold you back . Forgive my harsh words before , it's cos i'm seriously irritated laaaaaaa . Ah well . It's been awesome with you . This will go on i'm sure (:

My awesome love . Sometimes i seriously wonder man , what if i didn't create that dgrayman group in sgc , then i wouldn't know you , then i wouldn't have a friend staying so close to me . I remember how we get to know each other , and how alike we are . realising we are actually of the same height , dislikes/likes are all so similiar .
and how we met for the first time , just randomly going vivo and slack there . ( omg my face is effing fat ) i really love it how you always allowed me to go to your house to prepare for every event . From the first event , cosfest'10 which we bloody spend 4-5 hours preparing on to now 2hours . HAHA okay we are awesome . Though your room .. seriously .. jialat . LOL . And how tiring when i had to walked 3 stories T.T but still , i can't imagine how my cosplay life will be like without you around . PLEASE DON'T GO AUSTRALIA T.T I'll bake more cookies so don't go ]: you can't go until i baked oat cookies for you ! heh . But still , really thanks for being in my life . Love you anna .

sister , i doubt you will read this la . but still . idk why but i feel like putting ah wan's photo for yours HAHAHA . ah well . my dearest sister since ...... pri 5? not really prolly pri 6 when we got closer . And at that time we had MZB , which include me , you lina zhilin zoey and tracy . The 6 sisters which never once had a group outing before . you've been fucking great in my life , sometimes i just feel that you're more like a trueblood sister to me , rather than a close friend . I love it how we meet after lessons , mac4life , and at that time you would take your 12plates of chilli and your big box chilli . HAHA , your cheeseburger w/o cheese , fillet with cheese . How you always hide behind our back whenever you see a doll , how big your reaction can be when we force you to eat dairy products , and how you can repeat your wangzi/haruma/hongki etcetc everytime . Just a really awesome sister . love you .

seriously man . idk where to start for you . how we used quarrel cos when we were young . cos i'm still more like a kid at those times and we'll just quarrel . Things get better when i got up to secondary school . how much thankyou is nvr enough man . fucking awesome sister . always heart2heart chats at night , and i can just tell you all the things which i had problems with . Like i also dk leh . just ... alot of things which you helped me with . fucking awesome sister . we are more like twins delayed by 5 years . LOL love you .

you have been awesome boyf so far . really . (: although it's been less than like 2 months . but it have been happy . love you (:

bye all (:

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Actually .. i'm not much different from everyone else . Just that i've a height which not many girls have , a twin sister which is older than me by 5 years ( HAHAH ) seriously i think we're twins lor ! prolly mom delayed giving birth to me by 5 years . Cos we always tend to say the SAME thing at the bloody SAME time . ( which happen earlier on ) Ah so cool .

It's new yearrrrrrrrrrr ! I went countdown with ahcun and his friends ^^ yesssss -is attached- (: alot of things happen inbetween so ya x.x Decided to let it open after he told me some stuffs .

went to lavender to have dinner with his family , met his friends then went to bugis . walked around and bloody saw tracychongsm with her boyf -'- knn kan suay . ( LOL ) walked to cityhall , slackeeeeeeed etc . And we just randomly settled at one spot to watch the fireworks x.x there's fuckingggggg lot people man seriouslyyyy it's damn scary . walked over to chjimes to have a drink . by the time we leave was like around 2-3am , walked to mac eatttt . and we went seperated ways after .
There's no fucking available cabs around cos there's fucking too many people . me and cun walked allllll the fucking way from cityhall to kallang . knnnnnnnn . reached his house like 4am plus alr . didn't sleep cannnnn T.T we went out around 5am , looked for his uncle at the coffee shop . eatetcccc till 7 then i went home x.x

Sibeh shag and ... he niam-ed me all the way to not go to the photoshoot which i was suppose to go this morning 9am . meaning i intended to go home at 7 , sleep prolly half an hour wake up prepare and go out for photoshoot . i think i kenna he nag until -.- so.. SORRY KANA AND ALFEN and one more photog x.x But i'm really shag alr , went home , changed and i jitao collapse on the bed . dk why i only slept for 5-6 hours . LOL .

on the cab back to tamp ^^ the only nice photo cos i had my makeup on ........ or rather eye makeup but photo cui -.- heh i think at that time he also shag alr -.-

somehow i'm glad he told me all the stuffs happen when he was younger . though it isn't really pleasant . but still . (: i'm glad he changed for the better .

-wishes for better year ahead-

i'll do a dedication post soon . loves .

shancunnnnnnnnn (: