Sunday, January 16, 2011

busy like a beeeeeeeeeeeeeeee .

Jialing jie came over to our house today and taught me the cookies she made for us the other day ! Some particular chocolate thing and cornflake thing . We were both so busy in the kitchen till cun called and i went to meet him . I had to pack all the cny goodies samples for him and the cookies i made ^^ damnnnnn busy . His mom said i made nice cookies WOOHOOOOOO cept that it's not that sweet hoho . I was watching him play his game until i fall asleep ._. and he woke me up lol .

today .

I was seriously busy the whole day , finally one weekend that i didn't nuaaaaaaaa infront of my computer . Started baking my chocolate that was suppose to be in the freezer for a night , awesome chocolate brownie/melts idk-what , turned out to be fucking nice . Ahhhhh loving to bake but i made a mess in mom's kitchen HAHA . Sister was preparing for her picnic and apparently with the both of us in the kitchen it's havoc . chocolate smell and egg smell doesn't go well tgt -.- Finished baking and i got fucking tired , went to nap and got woke up AGAIN by zhilin , like in the morning .
woke up and helped mom with cny goodies , damn cui damn busy . went with my dnt work afterwards and helped mom with the love letters . T.T slow machine which i had to wait N years for to bake . scald my hand again and again . I'm glad she doesn't sell love letters cos it'll be damn havoc if we make it .

Busiest time of the year , again ~ getting more orders as compared to the usual years ! Shall be a good girl and help mom whenever i can wahahaha . ( good excuse to slack while studying )

Busy month . So busy that i can't even celebrate my first month .


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