Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day 22- What makes you different from everyone else

Actually .. i'm not much different from everyone else . Just that i've a height which not many girls have , a twin sister which is older than me by 5 years ( HAHAH ) seriously i think we're twins lor ! prolly mom delayed giving birth to me by 5 years . Cos we always tend to say the SAME thing at the bloody SAME time . ( which happen earlier on ) Ah so cool .

It's new yearrrrrrrrrrr ! I went countdown with ahcun and his friends ^^ yesssss -is attached- (: alot of things happen inbetween so ya x.x Decided to let it open after he told me some stuffs .

went to lavender to have dinner with his family , met his friends then went to bugis . walked around and bloody saw tracychongsm with her boyf -'- knn kan suay . ( LOL ) walked to cityhall , slackeeeeeeed etc . And we just randomly settled at one spot to watch the fireworks x.x there's fuckingggggg lot people man seriouslyyyy it's damn scary . walked over to chjimes to have a drink . by the time we leave was like around 2-3am , walked to mac eatttt . and we went seperated ways after .
There's no fucking available cabs around cos there's fucking too many people . me and cun walked allllll the fucking way from cityhall to kallang . knnnnnnnn . reached his house like 4am plus alr . didn't sleep cannnnn T.T we went out around 5am , looked for his uncle at the coffee shop . eatetcccc till 7 then i went home x.x

Sibeh shag and ... he niam-ed me all the way to not go to the photoshoot which i was suppose to go this morning 9am . meaning i intended to go home at 7 , sleep prolly half an hour wake up prepare and go out for photoshoot . i think i kenna he nag until -.- so.. SORRY KANA AND ALFEN and one more photog x.x But i'm really shag alr , went home , changed and i jitao collapse on the bed . dk why i only slept for 5-6 hours . LOL .

on the cab back to tamp ^^ the only nice photo cos i had my makeup on ........ or rather eye makeup but photo cui -.- heh i think at that time he also shag alr -.-

somehow i'm glad he told me all the stuffs happen when he was younger . though it isn't really pleasant . but still . (: i'm glad he changed for the better .

-wishes for better year ahead-

i'll do a dedication post soon . loves .

shancunnnnnnnnn (:


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