Saturday, January 01, 2011

Day 23- Something you crave for a lot


Dedication posts . Not alot , not too much friends i have .

Hi my love . It's like .. about a year and a half since we knew each other ? You've been a really awesome cosplay mate , my awesome ranka . i really dk how it's like if i didn't know you . Though recently it's been a serious head problem cos of your relationship problems , which me and anna had no chance of persuading you in . All i can say is all the best , if you really think you can be happy in this relationship , go ahead and we support . if anything falls then i'll be there to hold you back . Forgive my harsh words before , it's cos i'm seriously irritated laaaaaaa . Ah well . It's been awesome with you . This will go on i'm sure (:

My awesome love . Sometimes i seriously wonder man , what if i didn't create that dgrayman group in sgc , then i wouldn't know you , then i wouldn't have a friend staying so close to me . I remember how we get to know each other , and how alike we are . realising we are actually of the same height , dislikes/likes are all so similiar .
and how we met for the first time , just randomly going vivo and slack there . ( omg my face is effing fat ) i really love it how you always allowed me to go to your house to prepare for every event . From the first event , cosfest'10 which we bloody spend 4-5 hours preparing on to now 2hours . HAHA okay we are awesome . Though your room .. seriously .. jialat . LOL . And how tiring when i had to walked 3 stories T.T but still , i can't imagine how my cosplay life will be like without you around . PLEASE DON'T GO AUSTRALIA T.T I'll bake more cookies so don't go ]: you can't go until i baked oat cookies for you ! heh . But still , really thanks for being in my life . Love you anna .

sister , i doubt you will read this la . but still . idk why but i feel like putting ah wan's photo for yours HAHAHA . ah well . my dearest sister since ...... pri 5? not really prolly pri 6 when we got closer . And at that time we had MZB , which include me , you lina zhilin zoey and tracy . The 6 sisters which never once had a group outing before . you've been fucking great in my life , sometimes i just feel that you're more like a trueblood sister to me , rather than a close friend . I love it how we meet after lessons , mac4life , and at that time you would take your 12plates of chilli and your big box chilli . HAHA , your cheeseburger w/o cheese , fillet with cheese . How you always hide behind our back whenever you see a doll , how big your reaction can be when we force you to eat dairy products , and how you can repeat your wangzi/haruma/hongki etcetc everytime . Just a really awesome sister . love you .

seriously man . idk where to start for you . how we used quarrel cos when we were young . cos i'm still more like a kid at those times and we'll just quarrel . Things get better when i got up to secondary school . how much thankyou is nvr enough man . fucking awesome sister . always heart2heart chats at night , and i can just tell you all the things which i had problems with . Like i also dk leh . just ... alot of things which you helped me with . fucking awesome sister . we are more like twins delayed by 5 years . LOL love you .

you have been awesome boyf so far . really . (: although it's been less than like 2 months . but it have been happy . love you (:

bye all (:


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