Sunday, January 02, 2011

Day 24- A letter to your parents

idk where to start man seriously .

To both momsy and dad , thankyou both for this 15-16 years of my life . i know i've not been listening to you two recently , kept going out until late nights . Despite mom screaming in the phone nagging at me not to stay out overnight i still did so . sorry . Idk how many thankyous and how much i can do to repay you two . i know i did alot of wrong things , and you two just merely nagged at me , unlike other parents who would just slap their children . seriously really thankyou both . though you're both always nagging at me , and dad would alwwwwwwwaaaaays say the bloody same thing every single night , but i know you're doing it for me . So , really thankyou , mom and dad .


Likea weird only ._.

we were talking on phone till 4am the day before , and i woke up like cui only . idk why . i wasn't in the mood to talk ytd , or rather this morning 1am . I just orh-ed , huh-ed to what he said . and he just went the same as well and i kup his phone LOL . knssss .

i'm really really not in the mood for school . i don want to face the stress , or rather i don't feel any stress . aiya -.- fuck la sia . z


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