Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Day 25- What I would find in your bag

my bag when i always go out perhaps . Actually i would always pack my bag last minute and would just dump whatever i remember to bring . A must is my makeup kit , wallet , itouch , keys , phone . if i remembers and have the time i would bring a bottle of water out , and tissue papers looool . and i would see whatever shit is on my table , i would just grab and throw into my bag , hairbands/clips etcetc .

first day of school was never good for all of us . I only remembered having to talk on phone with cun until 1am before the first day of school . i woke up like shag only .

For the N times i unpicked my skirt , i had to do it AGAIN . i just find they pick on tall girls -.-

it's kind of ridiculous for them to put us under good teachers ( finally ) after 3 years of my life in east spring . like . sec3 basics we can't even get it right now whats the fucking use of putting us under better coaching teachers yo .

Head over for Koi after school .

Went home , bathe , went out to get my maths textbooks from anna ( thankssss muchies dear ) , then i had to bus to bedok to meet cun with my night blindness . i had to squint my eyes to see the bus numbers cos i'm wearing the lens that's not my degree LOL . and i don't know where to stop at . like cool only wtfff .

and so i wore my new skirt today . how awesome cos i had to pull my skirt up every step . i remember when i bought the skirt last year it the size was jusssssssst nice and now i wore it it became loose . Aha ! shows something yo . ^^

saturdays and sundays are now so dear to me . damnnnn .


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