Saturday, January 08, 2011

Day 26- What you think about your friends

important . just that i always feel fucking bad to pangseh them lol .

midway of my weekends . First weekend of school term . Like fucking tired only .

I went to fareast with zhilin after school ytd , went up to zoey's house before that and saw her cat , which was totally alike human . the way she sleeps lol ! by the time we prep finish was like 6pm and we reached there like 7 awesome . oh and we fucking saw STEVEN LIM at orchard . he attempted to approach us with something but i kind of pulled zhilin away cos i think he's fucking ugly . -.- went over to zhilin's friend's house before cabbing down to tamp to meet cun . i was on the phone with mom and i just walked on the grass without noticing a fucking spiky tree branch and there my foot went right into it .

and i screamed like a bitch .

finalllllllllly had my photo taken with him ! it's fucking awesome and chio . heh . i got threatened and went home at 1am ]:

slept till my usual holiday timing today ( missing it missing it ]: ) went nua around at home . i decided to go back to sleep till cun called . Bloody stomachache man . kind of diarrhea . bloody hell -.- he went to play ball at 4 while zhilin came over to find me after her event ended . i got free products from her wooo ! Maybelline's product be awesome .

went up her house and had oishii guava ahahaha . somehow i really wanted her to live in with me . went to meet cun again after . shit zhilin who told me east spring backcourt is behind east spring sec . i walked to there and realise there's no bball court at all . till i decided to call wq and found that it's actually behind east spring PRI . oh fml . my foot machiam made of metal sia . -.- dinner with cun then went home lohhhhhhhh .

-is bloody full right now but still wants pasar malam food LOL- it's god damn cold here . I need to get my textbooks/tys etcetc from anna and cousinnnnnn . when will i have the mood to go over their house and take man -.- but i'm left with tmr anyway so . ya . -.-

你再不打来我就要睡了。。。 ]:


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