Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?

I just took the photos from cny'09 and cny'10 .

Like not much diff leh .

that was still when my face condition is still perfect for me .

Too much oil intake recently . I naggggggggged at zhilin for fries during recess today and i was really craving for it soooooooooo much ! I seriously can't stay awake today and was trying hard not to sleep . gahhhh .

apparently the school thinks my family owns the bank and i FORCED , mind you not asked . i was literally pulled over to buy a new skirt which i had the total same size at home fml , skirt length didn't at all make a diff . cept that it's freaking loose . Thats why no one understands why it's not good being tall , you get the attraction from the school dm / p / vp instantly . and they'll notice how short your skirt is . wa fml man . it's my fucking last year in es and i have to fucking waste another $12 buying another new skirt which was SO not needed .

I gave a miss going over cun's house cos i was freaking tired , like seriously . I can't seem to understand what the tv show was going on when i was having my lunch cos i'm god damn tired . And it seemed that i had to do alot of school work . fml laaaaaa . ]:

Momsy finally getting her cny goodies sold online thanks to the help of bro , i shall help her advert too wooooooo . ^^


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