Tuesday, January 25, 2011

dear and his friends kind of celebrated my birthday last sat . everything was good . until night . yea . -.- i got home at 2 lol . and first month with love .

Sunday was productive . D&T , helping mom with her cny goodies , dinner for my birthday .

school was as torturing . Getting the hang of dnt , still not coping with science , surviving with maths . I decided to give a miss to all my aspS today . yes the ' S ' . i don't find a need to go to extra physics lesson with ms sin/chew . I need a sleep SO SO SO badly . i just head home and sleep right after lunch .

Dear and his mood swings , again .

it's just a birthday yo . and yes , i'll be spending my birthday in school
♥ with asp . i reckon it'll just be another day to me .

ahlalalala . drowning myself in school work . bye .

i can't even have time for cosplays . fuckkkkkkkk .


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