Friday, January 28, 2011

fuck man i really miss cosplay .

i'm gonna take a few of my weekends hunting materials soon . I WANT TO HAVE A BREAK PLEASE .

anywayyyyyy . hi yes people i'm 16 ! i expected it to be just another day . i don't intend to celebrate it big , nor even do i intend to go out with friends and have fun etc . it just .. felt like oh it's another birthday . does it matter ? it didn't meant that much to me .

still i have got awesome sisters , whom scammed me , said going home , going meet buyer etc . they ended up in my house ,IN MY ROOM when i got home at 6 pm + after dnt asp . i received a fucking awesome cake from them . it was so xiasuay cos i thought it was my jie in the room , as they locked the door . and having coming back home tired like shit i kind of banged the door screaming like some crazy woman outside my room . And to fucking see 3 of my lovely sisters with a cake . fuck man . i swear i was fucking touched .

Zhilin wanqi lina awwwww love you all .

I was shagged max today in school . Not having enough sleep i can barely open my eyes . My mind was kind of switched off during english . and trying to keep myself awake drifting my mind to cosplay . argh fuccccck . sleeping at 12am+ 1 , waking up at 6am everyday . isn't a good idea .

dear looks like in good mood recently looooool . we've not been arguing yo ! happy me hehe .

cosfest . SETTLED . with plans only . hahaha . macross on day 1 , canterella on day 2 . finally , canterella . and i'm fucking gonna wear long gowns for both the daysssss . yay awesome awesome . okay tamade i can't wait . opps mind shifted . LOL .

ahhhh . anyway i'm thankful for all the birthday wishes ! in school , texts and on facebook ! it's kind of scary with over 200+ wishes on fb . i didn't know i knew so many people . LOL . ah well . thanks all -inserts heart plenty-

going off for bed soon ! new year shopping with my hearts tmr ! yays .


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