Friday, January 14, 2011

Hardcore week is finally ... OVERRRRRRRR .

so much work and only 2 tiny weeny days of rest . Cip was awesome today , OM let me off ^^ i helped cleaner auntie to sweep like 4 classrooms hehehe . and they have to do the routine like everyday ! mygod . Lesson learnt : not to litter the classrooms . As i know the cleaners would have to clean up our mess after we do so . Responsibility yo .

Anyway zhilin the elephant sprained her leg when i went over to find them and all i know was , laughing throughout . i felt so sadistic laughing at her but she's seriously too comedy . HAHA . Bennylow sent her home with me wq and bryanjoseph . Me and wq can't help but hold back our laughter when we saw the uncle helping zhilin to massage her leg . Her face is seriously epic i swear . Had lunch over at her house and i slept . HAHAH . Got home , and nua-ed around till 5+ when i decided to meet cun . went over to his friend's house and .. guess what . we broke his friend's bed .

LOL . serious . no joke . fucking xiasuay .

i swear i'm fucking tired right now i can't think woohoo okaybye .

now get the fuck out of our life .


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