Saturday, February 26, 2011

ohyea hi biatchesssssss . can't bear to neglect this poor space which i've been carrying on for bout .. 4-5 years here ?? ( just realise lololol )

OKAY ! It's been a hardcore week in school , struggling to wake every single day as usual , struggling to stay awake paying full 100% attention in class , no doodling no sleeping no stoning in space . and finally it's the weekend . I met my dear anna which i didn't met for very long for dinner at downtown , then to 201 mac to meet the 3 biatches . And guess what we did on friday night . We were out at 201 mac studying / dnt / ghost stories . okay the ghost stories part was SO NOT NEEDED I SWEAR . I headed home to get my dnt folio and came down again . Was at like my ideation 5 , until someone mentioned about that . And bloody kaijun had to start all his taekwando stories to the movies , to everything !!

To distract myself from listening i was still on my dnt while qi and zhilin was listening to him concentrating . well it was interesting , but i swear i was on the verge of crying . YES , i think i did . a little . I just ......... felt like crying listening to all this . we were all in no mood for schoolwork at 2am plus , and went off at 3 . i went zhilin's house to sleep as family was sleeping and i didn't want to wake them up .. .. .. .. okay yes i was scared . i literally slept once my head hit the pillow . and slept till the morning , went off at 11am . heh .

Went home , eat change rest a little , went out again to meet anna ! Visited her at her workplace till 6 and we rushed to arab street for our materials . most of the shops were closed but we managed to get the base materials !! god damn happy but seriously cost a bomb man -.- met camille and erika awhile for my miku wigggggggg and went home . shag max .

having only 5-6 hours of sleep gonna killlllllllllllll . face condition getting worser . should be gg to the doc this coming week . I'm seriously super excited !! hoho .

needa finish up my chosen ideation tmr !!! god . k bye kids

Thursday, February 24, 2011

1 and 45 mins of dnt in the morning , 2:45pm - 7pm dnt in the afternoon . And i have MORE dnt work . My resolution is not strong enough ................. i'm heading for bed soon . and it's only 8:48pm .

For my five days of school , i realised .. i had 5 days of meal in total . and it's all dinner . i just had my big bowl of dinner and it's actually not enough . K this is gonna kill . My yoghurt can't fill me up ....... damn .

6 more ideations to go . Love ms ng for staying with me till 7 !! Despite mdm chin wanted to go off . HAHA .

omg i really cannot tahan . I think i rmbed watching my one piece on my phone last night until i slept .. .. .. did i ?! omg i think i did and omg i don't rmb . omg fuck .

LIKE FUCK . k it's friday tmr something to be happy bout . k bye . okay i think i'm gonna get my 2nd serving now i'm god damn hungry .

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally mid of the week .

Sunday was out with 3 of my girls . One went off and it was left with the usual 3 of us .

So far so good , i've been very enthu and making progress in my school work . Just two more days of hardwork to weekends , endure another 5 days and to comifest ! At least i've got something to look forward to while studying hard . All this keeps me going . I'm finally going to visit anna on sat ! probably had to finish up alllllllll my work on friday then ! so i wouldn't have to cramp everything on sunday ! I seriously can't wait for canterellaaaaaaa ~ Awesome pretty gorgeous dress .

It's really tough . But the upcoming weeks , months will be more tough . Gotta be strong and have this fire to continue burning ! Gonna read on some geog notes later on for the test tmr ! can't afford another fail again . Not to say mom , i can't even believe it myself actually willing to stay back every single day . Knowing my personality best i wouldn't have stay back every bloody day and would have head home to sleep . I gotta be different this year , no more sec 1 , 2 or 3 .

So yea . Anyway Motorola sucks max .

Friday, February 18, 2011

oh man...........

it's a saturday.........................................

and the worst thing is .


I made up my mind on thursday that i MUST stay home on saturday to at least finish up ethnography + 2 ideations today . ( actually the actual plan for finishing up ideations was today . which is 10 ideations but i haven even started on one wahahahahaha )

woke up by hunger today at 10am . nua in bed 15mins , then prepare breakfast , eat while watching one piece on tv , finished watching and went back sleep till 1 . LOL .

I intended to leave halfway from maths asp ytd , idk why i stayed till the end -.- chiong home prepare and went out to meet negi ! gosh he waited for me over an hour . Watched ' What woman want ' , kinda dragggggy . a bloody 2hours show . rate it 3/5 though . but still . Gong li is damnnnnn hot . love her look in the show ! The show ended round 9+ , didn't wear lens for the whole day but my eyes were red and tearing throughout the show . He trained back with me to tamp after [[:

Look over photoshopped ? LOL my photos are all not photoshopped alrights ! yea .

probably uploading my photos 1 by 1 each post so keep coming to my blog for more ! [[:


所以。 忍忍忍啊~

Thursday, February 17, 2011

ohyea congrats to my 800th post 2 post ago . yeayeayea .

anyway yes sucksucksucksuck school suckkk okay i swear the periodic table is killing me right now kanasai i is awesome because i lost the freaking handout for the chem ppt and i had to bloody ask around for that one bloody question .

school record challenge was a shit today . some kind of teacher was being a bitch asking me to climb the bloody stairs still with my leg . not pinpointing to any certain teacher here hur . but i swear the src was total shit . i had to refrain myself from going out wearing tshirts for not having the t shirt tanline . and we had to stand like 15mins under the sun today okay wtffffff .

shagged as usual when i reached home .

2 days passed . still thinking as much . you know what . everything was wrong . It was wrong to happen all this . Or even it was wrong from the start , from where we met at the steamboat . Probably i shouldn't even wake up that time from my nap to go to the steamboat . right .

k forget it . like seriously .

i'm gonna stay home on sat and start on my very first ideation . yes . that is if i would be able to stay home .

Monday, February 14, 2011

hi .............

yes i fell during pe and had an infection . AGAINNNNNNNNn . okay fuck deja vu seriously . ( ZZZ ) It happened during the last round and my shoe flew off . i ran with my bleeding knee and with all my might ah ! huat ah ! and i got a 3 points [[[: i'm sooooo damn proud of myself . Aim was 15min 1 sec , and i got a 15min 2 sec ^^ !! it would be 15 min if i didn't fell . and so again i'm proud of myself not having to walk ! ohyea ohyea ^^

Gave school a miss cause i didn't sleep much that night due to the infection , body was burning .

got all the photos from alfen alr ! ohyeaaaaaaaaa . we resembles ?? heh .

i think i bloody disappointed you all . i told myself and told you guys that it wouldn't bother me at all already . The feelings that was rushing up against my heart when i saw him . sad ? angry ? happy ? no definitely not happy . idk what kind of feeling that is either . i think if a chance were give to me i would be able to smack that shit out of him . no hard feelings . i swear .

' 2.5million guys in singapore you would be able to find your mr.right ' - lina

love you all .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

first hurdle - PASS .

still got another to go ... ... ... .______.

Okay anyw . Town with my awesome people ! Caught ' Just go with it ' ! omfg i rate it 4/5 !! it's god damn funny . i swear i got really fat cos i can't stop eating and eating -.-

The few of them were over kpop and the one i only know was 2ne1 . HAHA .

I dunch like standing next to guan ]]: i look fatter like x10000 times . comfy romper be comfy but i stretch and my tummy is bulging heheh .

Adeline went off then lina came over ! Feeling kind of bad cause kinda came over to eat .

fail camwhore . Okay anyway guan and jenny left home while the other two came over to my house ! Zong fey and shawn then later came over , gambling gambling and we started drinking .. fey was literally seh , lina and i got abit high . My head was spinnnnnnnnning though i was conscious . Then i went to dig my cupboard and found some irish cream drink . bloody hell it was god damn nice . Milk tea liqour ! it was bro's but .. who cares hahaha . We were still gambling till lina and fey kept going in and out to the toilet . idk what's in me and i blabbered alot of shit to them . I THINK . i don't even know what i was talking anyw -.-

Got abit havoc and they all left around 5am 6 . I think i was hurrying them to go cos i wanna sleep HAHAHA .

Anyw i concluded something , which is not to drink when you're having menses -.- esp when it's the first day . i think at a point i swear i felt like i was going to die of menstrual pain but i still kept drinking HAHAHA .

i shall start on my school work today , yay !

the two retards on my right . LOL

Need to material hunt very sooooooooooon ~ and gotta shake off all the fats on my tummy for upcoming sheryl cos ! ^^

I was so happy that qi wore a dress ! I mean i'm REALLY happy . cos from i know her since primary school she DOESN'T wear skirts except for our school pinafore , and at that time she doesn't even wear short pants and alwayssssss wear long jeans . To secondary school she finally wore short pants and i swear ytd was the first time she wear a dress out with us . It was god damn hard for us to persuade her to change from long pants to short pants and from short pants to skirts and on . I think at that time no matter how we persuade her to wear short pants was like a torture to her . like seriously . !! i think now what she lacks is MAKEUP . HAHAHA . but she doesn't allow me to touch her face so ..ya . ]]:

okay god i can feel the alcohol is still in my stomach , i think i'll go sleep first before doing my work .

oh yes . to certain person whom deleted the comment and have been avoiding , just think how contradicting you are k . think what you're doing and telling me . knn fyl and i hope you die on the 15th .

Friday, February 11, 2011

please tell me i'm just too sensitive , please tell me i'm thinking too much . i hope everything goes well please . It wouldn't be that suay .................... I THINK . ah fuck man .

dnt asp ytd , i ran out of my maths asp halfway today . wahahaha . went to do dnt/ss after . Met guan and yee at night . homg i feel so much better talking to guan . woo

I swear i swear I SWEAR Ms ng is fucking awesome . yay \0/

Please don't happen on me . please , seriously .

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

9.15pm . i swear i'm bloody tired that now i can fall asleep while typing .

flunk geography test . and so will be my ss quiz tmr . being caught on monday morning having to unpick my skirt and sew them back for 5 periods isn't something fun . actually it is , gossiping with M and laughing over sesat's brown hair and having to sent home wahahahah . Despite having a really fulfilling nap ytd , i think i flew over to my another side of the world within few minutes the moment i closed my eyes . Guess i was really tired having to wake up 8am for the shoot on sunday and not having nuff sleep .

But well i think it was worth it cause i had awesome photos [:

Phat legs are phat i don't wanna photoshop too much on that .

My second personal fav ? Idk why no one likes it ]:

i will sleep early and forget about my ice cream milk tea . forget forget forget please .

double yay for dnt asp tmr \0/ i likeeeeeee .

why is it that the song you often listen is still ringing in my head . godamnit

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Spamming ba kua and almond cookies to make myself sick .


Sunday, February 06, 2011

I'm camwhore queen of 2011

as usual , taking my own sweet time to prep . heh . awesome dress from one of the livejournals , which can tranform from tube dress to toga !

Sister was nagging at me for having too much camwhore shots heh .

omg i love the lighting here .

not 10cm ba ? HAHAH . backtrack to 2010 cny ! ^^

I found this fucking awesome way to make my eyes double eyelid as i'm a monolid , zoom in to the eyeliner part pls . HAHA . it literally became FUCKING BIG ! i think i'm a genius ! woo

$3.90 bottom lash from bugis waaaaay better than $7.90 bottom lash from canmake

I was thinking for very long if i should go for this look , ended up i just heck care everything and made myself a pink bimbo shit . HAHA .

$30 from fareast ! fucking awesome shit dress and made me not to eat . tummy bulging and i can't breathe after the dimsum breakfast .

Met up with my sisters after , they had dinner at cafe cartel , and went up to yixian's house gambling . $30 fly . awesome .

It's really awesome how we still visits our ex-neighbour who moved house about 6-7 years ago . every year it's the same . [:

I loved being a mixed indonesian , having all my relatives a indo-chinese i gets fat angpow woohoo . can you believe it i got a $50 angpow from a random aunt who is a indo-chinese -.- sister went to toilet when she gave the angpow and didn't the the $50 HAHAHA

I met shawn on chu 3 ! it's cool knowing him hurrrrrr . my virgin trip to parkway . HAHA . oh i got a alto coscard from himmmmmmm !! i had like so many to choose from can . feel like taking all of them HAHAHA

chu 4 . todayyyy . shoot with alfen at sentosa . imma usagi for the day ^^ flower festival has nothinggggg gah . oh probably there is . sea of humans . head home after , bought eskimo ! it's right behind koi , standard abit lower than koi but i'm still willing to buy from there again cause i don't have to wait for another 1 and a half hour .

grandma's house later on . and thinking if i should bring ma usagi look along x.x

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

i spring cleaned my house right after school today . i can't believed i packed my wardrobe . didn't had a chance to meet dear again . ]: dinner w/ relatives at ahma's house . went to temple at 12 and now i'm home .
I slept for 1 hour plus unknowingly . damn . dear isn't contacting me again . gah forget it i'll head for bed eyes are shutting soon .

happy chinese new year all yo .

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

- 2NE1 FEVER -

I hate it when almost ALLLL my friends around me are crazy over this particular band/person and i'm the always last to know their songs/news etc . Then i'll get influenced by them that would always blast their songs . You wouldn't know how irritated i felt when i was at zhilin's house that day and she literally on-ed this one song of 2ne1 for the whole time i was there -.- from irritated - loving this song . wa fug .

so ... imma 2ne1 fan hehehe . park bom !

anyway ! it's the eve of new year eve ! i've been eggcited bout new year every year ! i thought everyone would have alot of families to visit cause mine does so .. And it's always the usual families we would visit every year [: it's good having indonesia relatives here cause they would give us reallaye big fat angbaos ! wahahaha . new year = new clothes = new accessories = new shoes = new nails = new hair .

I was at tm this 2 days with anna , first day with her school mate and second day with mika ! And apparently we were kindof doing some last minute shopping . I got pekchek not having to buy what i wanted , and had to urge to go bugis . went over there with qi after school today . And ........ i actually skipped all my after lessons . physics - humans - english . oh great . I don't regret it though cos i got myself awesome lootssssss wooooooo ! Just one day of skipping wouldn't die right .............. i guess . x.x

Before i board the train back to tamp at bugis , i called koi to order my icecream milktea . Thinking it would take around half an hour . It was 6.15pm when i called . they told me 7.20pm to collect . kind of reluctant as i had to wait like another 30-40mins more . It doesn't matter much since i wanted to do some solo shopping around tamp area . And when i got there at 7.20 they bloody told me it's 7.40pm . fml -.- cheeeeeeeeken for one cup of drink i waited like over an hour . cool or what me .

reunion lunch with dear tmr . can i finish my spring cleaning in time tmr ? T.T SIGH . should have done them on sunday grrrrrrr . ]: ]: ]: ]: !!

Having known i'm fucking behind time in dnt i'm still going out what's wrong with me man . I'm so not motivated to complete the visual mindmaps . i've got enough of picture mindmaps already man .

Someone has been missing me alot today , hence i'm sneezing whole day today . or is someone cursing me too much . hahahaha . shag . half day tmr . i'll make use of the 2 periods of maths tmr ! go go !!