Thursday, February 24, 2011

1 and 45 mins of dnt in the morning , 2:45pm - 7pm dnt in the afternoon . And i have MORE dnt work . My resolution is not strong enough ................. i'm heading for bed soon . and it's only 8:48pm .

For my five days of school , i realised .. i had 5 days of meal in total . and it's all dinner . i just had my big bowl of dinner and it's actually not enough . K this is gonna kill . My yoghurt can't fill me up ....... damn .

6 more ideations to go . Love ms ng for staying with me till 7 !! Despite mdm chin wanted to go off . HAHA .

omg i really cannot tahan . I think i rmbed watching my one piece on my phone last night until i slept .. .. .. did i ?! omg i think i did and omg i don't rmb . omg fuck .

LIKE FUCK . k it's friday tmr something to be happy bout . k bye . okay i think i'm gonna get my 2nd serving now i'm god damn hungry .


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