Tuesday, February 01, 2011

- 2NE1 FEVER -

I hate it when almost ALLLL my friends around me are crazy over this particular band/person and i'm the always last to know their songs/news etc . Then i'll get influenced by them that would always blast their songs . You wouldn't know how irritated i felt when i was at zhilin's house that day and she literally on-ed this one song of 2ne1 for the whole time i was there -.- from irritated - loving this song . wa fug .

so ... imma 2ne1 fan hehehe . park bom !

anyway ! it's the eve of new year eve ! i've been eggcited bout new year every year ! i thought everyone would have alot of families to visit cause mine does so .. And it's always the usual families we would visit every year [: it's good having indonesia relatives here cause they would give us reallaye big fat angbaos ! wahahaha . new year = new clothes = new accessories = new shoes = new nails = new hair .

I was at tm this 2 days with anna , first day with her school mate and second day with mika ! And apparently we were kindof doing some last minute shopping . I got pekchek not having to buy what i wanted , and had to urge to go bugis . went over there with qi after school today . And ........ i actually skipped all my after lessons . physics - humans - english . oh great . I don't regret it though cos i got myself awesome lootssssss wooooooo ! Just one day of skipping wouldn't die right .............. i guess . x.x

Before i board the train back to tamp at bugis , i called koi to order my icecream milktea . Thinking it would take around half an hour . It was 6.15pm when i called . they told me 7.20pm to collect . kind of reluctant as i had to wait like another 30-40mins more . It doesn't matter much since i wanted to do some solo shopping around tamp area . And when i got there at 7.20 they bloody told me it's 7.40pm . fml -.- cheeeeeeeeken for one cup of drink i waited like over an hour . cool or what me .

reunion lunch with dear tmr . can i finish my spring cleaning in time tmr ? T.T SIGH . should have done them on sunday grrrrrrr . ]: ]: ]: ]: !!

Having known i'm fucking behind time in dnt i'm still going out what's wrong with me man . I'm so not motivated to complete the visual mindmaps . i've got enough of picture mindmaps already man .

Someone has been missing me alot today , hence i'm sneezing whole day today . or is someone cursing me too much . hahahaha . shag . half day tmr . i'll make use of the 2 periods of maths tmr ! go go !!


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