Wednesday, February 09, 2011

9.15pm . i swear i'm bloody tired that now i can fall asleep while typing .

flunk geography test . and so will be my ss quiz tmr . being caught on monday morning having to unpick my skirt and sew them back for 5 periods isn't something fun . actually it is , gossiping with M and laughing over sesat's brown hair and having to sent home wahahahah . Despite having a really fulfilling nap ytd , i think i flew over to my another side of the world within few minutes the moment i closed my eyes . Guess i was really tired having to wake up 8am for the shoot on sunday and not having nuff sleep .

But well i think it was worth it cause i had awesome photos [:

Phat legs are phat i don't wanna photoshop too much on that .

My second personal fav ? Idk why no one likes it ]:

i will sleep early and forget about my ice cream milk tea . forget forget forget please .

double yay for dnt asp tmr \0/ i likeeeeeee .

why is it that the song you often listen is still ringing in my head . godamnit


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