Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finally mid of the week .

Sunday was out with 3 of my girls . One went off and it was left with the usual 3 of us .

So far so good , i've been very enthu and making progress in my school work . Just two more days of hardwork to weekends , endure another 5 days and to comifest ! At least i've got something to look forward to while studying hard . All this keeps me going . I'm finally going to visit anna on sat ! probably had to finish up alllllllll my work on friday then ! so i wouldn't have to cramp everything on sunday ! I seriously can't wait for canterellaaaaaaa ~ Awesome pretty gorgeous dress .

It's really tough . But the upcoming weeks , months will be more tough . Gotta be strong and have this fire to continue burning ! Gonna read on some geog notes later on for the test tmr ! can't afford another fail again . Not to say mom , i can't even believe it myself actually willing to stay back every single day . Knowing my personality best i wouldn't have stay back every bloody day and would have head home to sleep . I gotta be different this year , no more sec 1 , 2 or 3 .

So yea . Anyway Motorola sucks max .


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