Saturday, February 12, 2011

first hurdle - PASS .

still got another to go ... ... ... .______.

Okay anyw . Town with my awesome people ! Caught ' Just go with it ' ! omfg i rate it 4/5 !! it's god damn funny . i swear i got really fat cos i can't stop eating and eating -.-

The few of them were over kpop and the one i only know was 2ne1 . HAHA .

I dunch like standing next to guan ]]: i look fatter like x10000 times . comfy romper be comfy but i stretch and my tummy is bulging heheh .

Adeline went off then lina came over ! Feeling kind of bad cause kinda came over to eat .

fail camwhore . Okay anyway guan and jenny left home while the other two came over to my house ! Zong fey and shawn then later came over , gambling gambling and we started drinking .. fey was literally seh , lina and i got abit high . My head was spinnnnnnnnning though i was conscious . Then i went to dig my cupboard and found some irish cream drink . bloody hell it was god damn nice . Milk tea liqour ! it was bro's but .. who cares hahaha . We were still gambling till lina and fey kept going in and out to the toilet . idk what's in me and i blabbered alot of shit to them . I THINK . i don't even know what i was talking anyw -.-

Got abit havoc and they all left around 5am 6 . I think i was hurrying them to go cos i wanna sleep HAHAHA .

Anyw i concluded something , which is not to drink when you're having menses -.- esp when it's the first day . i think at a point i swear i felt like i was going to die of menstrual pain but i still kept drinking HAHAHA .

i shall start on my school work today , yay !

the two retards on my right . LOL

Need to material hunt very sooooooooooon ~ and gotta shake off all the fats on my tummy for upcoming sheryl cos ! ^^

I was so happy that qi wore a dress ! I mean i'm REALLY happy . cos from i know her since primary school she DOESN'T wear skirts except for our school pinafore , and at that time she doesn't even wear short pants and alwayssssss wear long jeans . To secondary school she finally wore short pants and i swear ytd was the first time she wear a dress out with us . It was god damn hard for us to persuade her to change from long pants to short pants and from short pants to skirts and on . I think at that time no matter how we persuade her to wear short pants was like a torture to her . like seriously . !! i think now what she lacks is MAKEUP . HAHAHA . but she doesn't allow me to touch her face so ..ya . ]]:

okay god i can feel the alcohol is still in my stomach , i think i'll go sleep first before doing my work .

oh yes . to certain person whom deleted the comment and have been avoiding , just think how contradicting you are k . think what you're doing and telling me . knn fyl and i hope you die on the 15th .


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