Monday, February 14, 2011

hi .............

yes i fell during pe and had an infection . AGAINNNNNNNNn . okay fuck deja vu seriously . ( ZZZ ) It happened during the last round and my shoe flew off . i ran with my bleeding knee and with all my might ah ! huat ah ! and i got a 3 points [[[: i'm sooooo damn proud of myself . Aim was 15min 1 sec , and i got a 15min 2 sec ^^ !! it would be 15 min if i didn't fell . and so again i'm proud of myself not having to walk ! ohyea ohyea ^^

Gave school a miss cause i didn't sleep much that night due to the infection , body was burning .

got all the photos from alfen alr ! ohyeaaaaaaaaa . we resembles ?? heh .

i think i bloody disappointed you all . i told myself and told you guys that it wouldn't bother me at all already . The feelings that was rushing up against my heart when i saw him . sad ? angry ? happy ? no definitely not happy . idk what kind of feeling that is either . i think if a chance were give to me i would be able to smack that shit out of him . no hard feelings . i swear .

' 2.5million guys in singapore you would be able to find your mr.right ' - lina

love you all .


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