Friday, February 18, 2011

oh man...........

it's a saturday.........................................

and the worst thing is .


I made up my mind on thursday that i MUST stay home on saturday to at least finish up ethnography + 2 ideations today . ( actually the actual plan for finishing up ideations was today . which is 10 ideations but i haven even started on one wahahahahaha )

woke up by hunger today at 10am . nua in bed 15mins , then prepare breakfast , eat while watching one piece on tv , finished watching and went back sleep till 1 . LOL .

I intended to leave halfway from maths asp ytd , idk why i stayed till the end -.- chiong home prepare and went out to meet negi ! gosh he waited for me over an hour . Watched ' What woman want ' , kinda dragggggy . a bloody 2hours show . rate it 3/5 though . but still . Gong li is damnnnnn hot . love her look in the show ! The show ended round 9+ , didn't wear lens for the whole day but my eyes were red and tearing throughout the show . He trained back with me to tamp after [[:

Look over photoshopped ? LOL my photos are all not photoshopped alrights ! yea .

probably uploading my photos 1 by 1 each post so keep coming to my blog for more ! [[:


所以。 忍忍忍啊~


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