Thursday, February 17, 2011

ohyea congrats to my 800th post 2 post ago . yeayeayea .

anyway yes sucksucksucksuck school suckkk okay i swear the periodic table is killing me right now kanasai i is awesome because i lost the freaking handout for the chem ppt and i had to bloody ask around for that one bloody question .

school record challenge was a shit today . some kind of teacher was being a bitch asking me to climb the bloody stairs still with my leg . not pinpointing to any certain teacher here hur . but i swear the src was total shit . i had to refrain myself from going out wearing tshirts for not having the t shirt tanline . and we had to stand like 15mins under the sun today okay wtffffff .

shagged as usual when i reached home .

2 days passed . still thinking as much . you know what . everything was wrong . It was wrong to happen all this . Or even it was wrong from the start , from where we met at the steamboat . Probably i shouldn't even wake up that time from my nap to go to the steamboat . right .

k forget it . like seriously .

i'm gonna stay home on sat and start on my very first ideation . yes . that is if i would be able to stay home .


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