Saturday, February 26, 2011

ohyea hi biatchesssssss . can't bear to neglect this poor space which i've been carrying on for bout .. 4-5 years here ?? ( just realise lololol )

OKAY ! It's been a hardcore week in school , struggling to wake every single day as usual , struggling to stay awake paying full 100% attention in class , no doodling no sleeping no stoning in space . and finally it's the weekend . I met my dear anna which i didn't met for very long for dinner at downtown , then to 201 mac to meet the 3 biatches . And guess what we did on friday night . We were out at 201 mac studying / dnt / ghost stories . okay the ghost stories part was SO NOT NEEDED I SWEAR . I headed home to get my dnt folio and came down again . Was at like my ideation 5 , until someone mentioned about that . And bloody kaijun had to start all his taekwando stories to the movies , to everything !!

To distract myself from listening i was still on my dnt while qi and zhilin was listening to him concentrating . well it was interesting , but i swear i was on the verge of crying . YES , i think i did . a little . I just ......... felt like crying listening to all this . we were all in no mood for schoolwork at 2am plus , and went off at 3 . i went zhilin's house to sleep as family was sleeping and i didn't want to wake them up .. .. .. .. okay yes i was scared . i literally slept once my head hit the pillow . and slept till the morning , went off at 11am . heh .

Went home , eat change rest a little , went out again to meet anna ! Visited her at her workplace till 6 and we rushed to arab street for our materials . most of the shops were closed but we managed to get the base materials !! god damn happy but seriously cost a bomb man -.- met camille and erika awhile for my miku wigggggggg and went home . shag max .

having only 5-6 hours of sleep gonna killlllllllllllll . face condition getting worser . should be gg to the doc this coming week . I'm seriously super excited !! hoho .

needa finish up my chosen ideation tmr !!! god . k bye kids


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