Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Suppppp .

2nd day w/o mom . We had to do all the laundry after my school/sis's work , prepare dinner for dad whom dk how to heat up the food using microwave and went to work w/o having his dinner ......... my dad is super cute .

But anyw , mom went back to indonesia for qing ming festival . and will only be back on sat . So which means we had to survive on our own . Food wise not much of a problem since most of us ate outside . except dad . but when it comes to laundry it was pretty problematic as sis and i both got home pretty late . and yes . idk how to use a washing machine . so i had to wait till sis come back home , wash the clothes , WAIT for the clothes to be finished washing and hang them up . By the time everything was done it was like almost 12am .

and so i gave a miss to school .

i didn't know i'm that hardworking towards dnt .

Oh i'll promise to upload the photos during the weekend ! [: [:

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

OKAY ! waiting ? Here it is ! [:

One of my fav shots [: so cute omg so bhb .

and yes ! this is me heheh .

Above are william's photos . Thankyou very much !

There's still lots more but i think i shall not upload them heh . :3

Will upload weijiat's one soon ! [:

Thinking which one to upload on dA ~ weeeeeee .

ohhhhhh . My saturday night was with zong fey shawn lina and qi ! zoey couldn't make it and ah guan literally off-ed her phone ........ ._. But anyway we all had a good laugh during pool sessions . we were all laughing at shawn's plaster on his nose which looks like he got into a fight with someone else . hahah ! i think super xiasuay scream alot . hahah ! Home at 1 [:

Shall re-do SS video tmr , compile dnt photos , physics wb , ss worksheet . that is if i have the motivation . HAHAH okay no i must at least re do ss video . K it's gonna be 2 ! Eyes been super heavy since 11pm , i think it's like cos of the 3 sets of lash . -.- k shall turn in soon !

* Note to self ! Return library books !!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hello allllll . i'll upload the photos over the weekend . time passes too fast today .

i gave a miss to school due to my rashes , i was scratching like some monkey during midnight . A man at the clinic was literally roaring in there . LOL i swear . Reminds me of something .. HAHA .

But anyw , despite being at home the whole day i still couldn't finish my tys ]: k damn shag . i don't think the school called today ........ ah wellllll .

shall improve more on my dance and i'm ready for the cover ! [:

damn it's been a week plus since i went jogging....................... nooo ]:

Monday, March 21, 2011

i'll find other time to upload the photos k !

just came back an hour ago from the doc . for my face . hahaha . k . $60 fly with additional of two more cream walao .

i was on the verge on dying from headache otw back . idk why . my leg was super red and itchy since morning and i'm having bloody fuck rashes . tmd .

dance cover...............?? luka luka night fever~ should i?! HAHA

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi .

Shag sunday . was having a very very very bad headache .

Shoot ytd with kana like , in the morning with alfen william and wei jiat ! 3 awesome photogs . anyw , thinking shoot starts at 10.30 it would end 1 plus and i could rush back tamp for my project , we were late and we waited for others to arrive . looking for the location and it started like 12 plus 1 . big apology to group members .

Kranji railway track is really pretty for shoots ! But it's isn't at all fun when we have to wear heels to walk on the rocks . And i was on my 10-12cm heels yo . The sun was burning was throughout and we were all shag much even before the shooting starts . so i attempted to took off my heels and walk barefooted , and i changed back to my flat immediately after . HAHA .

Kinda bussed to cck mrt , and had our lunch there . Then off to marina for shooting again ! Decided not to go J-ob since many said it's a small event . I finally removed my heels for shoot during the evening and i was enjoying myself much ! we were all hyper and laughing throughout with the flashes and all . pretty scenery ~

I was supposedly to meet wq guan zong and people after . I even told ah guan i'll be gg to meet her at mac . But i was totally drained on the train ................... and decided to go home . and i slept like . 10.30 . HAHA i'm super tired okay ! texts just keep coming in whenever i'm lazy to reply them and they don't come when i'm bored ! and calls keep coming in.......... and i think i'm SOOOO tired that idk who called but i picked up the phone anyw and i recalled i talk to them but i don't rmb what i said HAHA i think i was murmuring something and the next thing i know was the person kup the phone . LOL . k i was that tired . Muscleaches all over and my feet felt like the skin was coming off . super painful . ]:

but still it was worth it for the really nice pictures ! must camp for photos from weijiat ! really loveeee [: k oh god my dnt's on the floor since 6pm . and now it's still there . and it's 9 . hahaha . crap . i'm like super unreluctant to remove my nails ..... perhaps i shall go to school with them on and say i forgot to remove them ? HAHAHA . -.-

mom is watching a police hk drama nowwwwwwwwww it's so nice i love cantonese speaks ! k i shall join her now hehe bye !

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I think i should do a picture post to liven up my blog abit . Had not had decent pictures for my blog for N yearsssssssss .

Science practical was gooooooood for two days . Now i'm pretty scared for the actual practical itself .. ]:

super cute popcorn pens ! sist bought a whole set , and this magical pen would pop out 3d upon heating with .. hair dryer . LOL . and it turns out a lil styrofoam feel omg super cute .

Did my nails ytd for my 3 days of pathetic holidays . i should have done them last week if i knew i ain't gg for the workshop .. ]:

Left and right hand , right hand looked kinda distorted cos i fail to take photos with left hand HAHA . But left handies are kindof cool .. ]: But still super cute flower stickers i found in my big bag of nail polish !

Big mess in my room caused by me during the holidayssssss . Or rather the start of holidays when i have to start bringing all my books home HAHA .

taken bout ..... a month plus ago ? and YES falsies make a BIG difference . I rmbed lina commenting my eyes are small when we met last week ..... ]:

currently buffing Piranha on funshion ................. idk if i should watch it alone ..................... omg T.T i think i'll regret it .

can only start my costume after mom gets back from indonesia .. and it's like 2 weeks later ..... K bo bian need material hunt now asap !! no last minute chionging again ]: though there's like 3 months plus time . but still .



Ethnography . 2 image board . cardboard model . Material list (how the shit am i gg do this ]:) . 4 more ideations ( WHICH I HAD YET TO COMPLETE OMG ) . Research . And more research .

Plans today : compile everything on dnt and sent to sister for printing . Finish doing my 3/5 cardboard model , getting at least 2 ideations done . And maths . ]:

sad life . ]: ]: ]:


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ohyea hiiii ! [:

I gave a miss to the workshops and was at home the two days ! i was pretty determined to do my work ytd though ... but i ended up watching one piece almost throughout the day ! HAHAHA . but yes i did anyway !!
Woke up today and realise sist didn't go work ! so went to get mc tgt . and we bloody waited like an hour plus -.- Went library afterwards ! finally got my books ! heh .

finally felt more like holidays now . Asp tmr !

My addiction now !

One piece ! And the hottest guy around .. ~
sanji yo ! HAHA . I'm like at epi 123 ! awesome shiet . still kinda !@#$% that they actually were still on the arabasta story for like almost 30 epi ! -.- I'm so damn tempted with the arabasta versionsssssssss it's so prettttaye ! K NO . no more plans -.- gotta finish up costume firstt zzzzzzz .

。。。。 还是觉得有点。。 三十集也太。。 路飞每次都让我笑得喘不过气 ! 。。。。 他妈的! 不能再看了啦! 应该开始 K 书了。。。。。。。。。

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I'm neglecting this space again !

I think my life is like super boring this week with more and more school work piling . Despite my 2 days of very free weekend at home i think i merely touched 1/10 of my dnt work . whereas actually i'm spending my weekend watching one piece -.- k wtf . Fucking no motivation k .

I went out ytd night to meet lina and wq at the library wanting to borrow some books but i ended up doing my maths work and the library was closing ._.

Sports day was on friday ! Pasta mania at zhilin's house before cabbing over there . k wasting of money much .

Ah yesssssss i guess i'll be updating this space soon ! Like real soon ! And i've gotta start on my costume and material hunting before more school work comes .

Have gotta stop this massive eating .. gaining 6kg isn't something fun k . My jogging weekly is going to be useless . fugggggg gotta do it twice a week !!!

Motivational workshop for the next two days . damn .

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Comifest !

we were there like pretty late , and i kinda .. ran from cityhall mrt station to conventionhall there . yes ._.

Kigurumi with anna , my panda-channnnn !

credits to kammie for kigu ! [:

rushed home for cake cutting !

went next day and were pretty much around for 2 hour or so den went off cos was superrrr boring . off to home then out again for dinner at east coast hoho .

I swear my leg almost died at the end of sat . bloody sneakers that is around 3-4 years old , and is like a size smaller than my feet -.- k whatever .

finally could start on my card board model yo !! actually was like after asking ms ng over and over again HAHA . couldn't wait to start !! but everything's gonna suck when it comes to dimensions ._. ahhhhhhhh

sometimes we all just have to let bygones be bygones , what ever that happened in the past just let it go . Take our future on with a smile [:

so we just have to smile everyday ya ! heh [:

Friday, March 04, 2011

9.19am now .

i slept at 4am and what the farkkkkkk am i doing 9am in the morning ?!?! -.-

i'm just plainly wasting my saturday away . rawrrrrr .

First of allllllll . Happy birthday mummy ~! okay .

week passed by just like that again . Can you believe it !! i went jogging with zoey on wednesday ! k it's my diet plan . since i can't control my hunger so i shall jog . made a point that i'll jog every wednesday after cca ends ! wooohoooo !!

Maths asp was cancelled ytd , and so i went home straight . and it was friggin 1pm plus . like damn early to be home until i got so bored . I went out to meet lina and wanqi at night , then ah guan kaijun and jovan came along . studied till 12am plus at tmart mac and went home . k not much not studying though but i had a good laugh hehe .

Anyw thanks much much kammie for lending me her kigurumi for today's comifest ! didn't want to attend but it's been long since i attended a event not cosplaying ....... so yup ! [: hoyea .

ohgodddddd it's not even 9.30 yet z shall eat my breakfast wooo .

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

ohyea .

*NOTE TO SELF : gotta stop taking free food for granted and resulting for the major gain of weight . k this is damn sinful cos my sis just asked if i wanted mac nuggets with the 1 for 1 coupon thing and i agreed . k wtshit .

omg i feel like a bitch now hahaha i swear . but too bad you deserve it .

k . K . YES
K . bloody fuck . i had the temptation to tear down my screen , like BLOODY HELL . my fgod . i can't believe i went out with this guy for a month . K . okay i really gotta stop harping on it and just LET IT GO . the vulgars in my mind are now running in circles .

not bad uh . Now facebook seems like a place for you to find g/bfriends . don't you realise ? the more i think bout it the more it seemed like a joke to me .

now i asked myself ; what am i doing la sia . -.-

HERE . hehe . click like if you happen to have the account ! ;D

kk bye shits i can't open my eyes already .