Friday, March 04, 2011

9.19am now .

i slept at 4am and what the farkkkkkk am i doing 9am in the morning ?!?! -.-

i'm just plainly wasting my saturday away . rawrrrrr .

First of allllllll . Happy birthday mummy ~! okay .

week passed by just like that again . Can you believe it !! i went jogging with zoey on wednesday ! k it's my diet plan . since i can't control my hunger so i shall jog . made a point that i'll jog every wednesday after cca ends ! wooohoooo !!

Maths asp was cancelled ytd , and so i went home straight . and it was friggin 1pm plus . like damn early to be home until i got so bored . I went out to meet lina and wanqi at night , then ah guan kaijun and jovan came along . studied till 12am plus at tmart mac and went home . k not much not studying though but i had a good laugh hehe .

Anyw thanks much much kammie for lending me her kigurumi for today's comifest ! didn't want to attend but it's been long since i attended a event not cosplaying ....... so yup ! [: hoyea .

ohgodddddd it's not even 9.30 yet z shall eat my breakfast wooo .


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