Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Comifest !

we were there like pretty late , and i kinda .. ran from cityhall mrt station to conventionhall there . yes ._.

Kigurumi with anna , my panda-channnnn !

credits to kammie for kigu ! [:

rushed home for cake cutting !

went next day and were pretty much around for 2 hour or so den went off cos was superrrr boring . off to home then out again for dinner at east coast hoho .

I swear my leg almost died at the end of sat . bloody sneakers that is around 3-4 years old , and is like a size smaller than my feet -.- k whatever .

finally could start on my card board model yo !! actually was like after asking ms ng over and over again HAHA . couldn't wait to start !! but everything's gonna suck when it comes to dimensions ._. ahhhhhhhh

sometimes we all just have to let bygones be bygones , what ever that happened in the past just let it go . Take our future on with a smile [:

so we just have to smile everyday ya ! heh [:


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