Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hi .

Shag sunday . was having a very very very bad headache .

Shoot ytd with kana like , in the morning with alfen william and wei jiat ! 3 awesome photogs . anyw , thinking shoot starts at 10.30 it would end 1 plus and i could rush back tamp for my project , we were late and we waited for others to arrive . looking for the location and it started like 12 plus 1 . big apology to group members .

Kranji railway track is really pretty for shoots ! But it's isn't at all fun when we have to wear heels to walk on the rocks . And i was on my 10-12cm heels yo . The sun was burning was throughout and we were all shag much even before the shooting starts . so i attempted to took off my heels and walk barefooted , and i changed back to my flat immediately after . HAHA .

Kinda bussed to cck mrt , and had our lunch there . Then off to marina for shooting again ! Decided not to go J-ob since many said it's a small event . I finally removed my heels for shoot during the evening and i was enjoying myself much ! we were all hyper and laughing throughout with the flashes and all . pretty scenery ~

I was supposedly to meet wq guan zong and people after . I even told ah guan i'll be gg to meet her at mac . But i was totally drained on the train ................... and decided to go home . and i slept like . 10.30 . HAHA i'm super tired okay ! texts just keep coming in whenever i'm lazy to reply them and they don't come when i'm bored ! and calls keep coming in.......... and i think i'm SOOOO tired that idk who called but i picked up the phone anyw and i recalled i talk to them but i don't rmb what i said HAHA i think i was murmuring something and the next thing i know was the person kup the phone . LOL . k i was that tired . Muscleaches all over and my feet felt like the skin was coming off . super painful . ]:

but still it was worth it for the really nice pictures ! must camp for photos from weijiat ! really loveeee [: k oh god my dnt's on the floor since 6pm . and now it's still there . and it's 9 . hahaha . crap . i'm like super unreluctant to remove my nails ..... perhaps i shall go to school with them on and say i forgot to remove them ? HAHAHA . -.-

mom is watching a police hk drama nowwwwwwwwww it's so nice i love cantonese speaks ! k i shall join her now hehe bye !


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