Thursday, March 17, 2011

I think i should do a picture post to liven up my blog abit . Had not had decent pictures for my blog for N yearsssssssss .

Science practical was gooooooood for two days . Now i'm pretty scared for the actual practical itself .. ]:

super cute popcorn pens ! sist bought a whole set , and this magical pen would pop out 3d upon heating with .. hair dryer . LOL . and it turns out a lil styrofoam feel omg super cute .

Did my nails ytd for my 3 days of pathetic holidays . i should have done them last week if i knew i ain't gg for the workshop .. ]:

Left and right hand , right hand looked kinda distorted cos i fail to take photos with left hand HAHA . But left handies are kindof cool .. ]: But still super cute flower stickers i found in my big bag of nail polish !

Big mess in my room caused by me during the holidayssssss . Or rather the start of holidays when i have to start bringing all my books home HAHA .

taken bout ..... a month plus ago ? and YES falsies make a BIG difference . I rmbed lina commenting my eyes are small when we met last week ..... ]:

currently buffing Piranha on funshion ................. idk if i should watch it alone ..................... omg T.T i think i'll regret it .

can only start my costume after mom gets back from indonesia .. and it's like 2 weeks later ..... K bo bian need material hunt now asap !! no last minute chionging again ]: though there's like 3 months plus time . but still .



Ethnography . 2 image board . cardboard model . Material list (how the shit am i gg do this ]:) . 4 more ideations ( WHICH I HAD YET TO COMPLETE OMG ) . Research . And more research .

Plans today : compile everything on dnt and sent to sister for printing . Finish doing my 3/5 cardboard model , getting at least 2 ideations done . And maths . ]:

sad life . ]: ]: ]:



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